What is M-LOK rail?

M-LOK, for Modular Lock, is a free licensed firearm rail interface system developed and patented by Magpul Industries.

Are M-LOK and Picatinny the same?

In general, M-LOK systems weigh less than their Picatinny counterparts because they don’t require the extra mass of external rails. It may seem obvious at this point, but Picatinny rail systems require larger outer diameters than M-LOK systems.

Can you convert M-LOK to Picatinny?

The Two-Slot M-LOK to Picatinny Rail Adapter allows you to use your favorite M-LOK attachments and accessories on the classic Picatinny rail system that many rifles still utilize. Giving you two slots of M-LOK rail space, shooters will have no problem fixating their HS1 to their rail systems.

Is M-LOK rail a Picatinny rail?

Precision CNC machined from lightweight, solid aluminum with Type III Black Anodized Finish. MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny rail pattern allows mounting a variety of lasers, sights, scopes or other accessories.

Are M-LOK rails good?

For most of the duration of the test, KeyMod and M-LOK both performed well. But when it came to stress testing the two systems, M-LOK rifles could be dropped on the ground and 100% of the time, the attachments would stay securely fastened to the gun. For KeyMod, however, the success rate was a measly 33%.

What does M-LOK rail look like?

The M-LOK is similar to the KeyMod system in that both involve locking a nut into a slot on the rail. The M-LOK system uses a rectangular T-Nut and a rectangular slot. To mount an M-LOK accessory: Orient the T-Nuts so that they will sit in the M-LOK slots.

Why is M-LOK better than Picatinny?

That all depends on what your needs are. The Pic rail system is more heavy-duty and built to handle heavier mounts without a loss of performance. The M-LOK system from Magpul isn’t quite as hardy, but it is lighter and has more and more tactical hardware being built for it every day.

Will Picatinny accessories fit M-LOK?

No, these are the picatinny rails and attach to any M-Lok handguard. So if you have anything that attaches to picatinny rails, they will fit on these (fore grips, bi-pods, flashlights, laser sights, ect). These are for when you want to put picatinny rails on your M-Lok handguard.

Are Picatinny rails universal?

Some manufacturers include an accessory rail, but don’t use the Picatinny design. For instance, Glock handguns have their own proprietary rail design that is not interchangeable with the Picatinny rail. Luckily, many companies have designed their products to be compatible with both Picatinny rails and Glock rails.

Can you convert Keymod to M-LOK?

GOTICAL Keymod to MLok converter adapter converts Keymod Handguard to Mlok. The GOTICAL Keymod to MLok adapter is used in Mlok accessories on Keymod handguards. It is made of 6061 aluminum, hard anodized and high quality material. Convert KeyMod to MLOK adapter.

Does the military use M-LOK?

This isn’t the first time our military has gone with M-Lok. In September, Heckler & Koch was told the U.S. Army wants its Compact Semi-Automatic Sniper Systems to be equipped with the Geissele Super Modular HK Rail, which features the system.

Are all M-LOK handguards the same?

M-Lok revolutionized the game by giving people the customizability of the quad rail while keeping the handguard light and comfortable. Many different companies make many different M-Lok rails, but like the Quad rail, they all have the same style.