What is ManageSoft in Linux?

ManageSoft, The Software Management Company (TM), reduces IT supports costs for desktops, laptops, and servers located anywhere in the world by enabling large organizations to automatically deploy, update and manage software and security patches for Windows, Linux and UNIX devices.

What does FlexNet inventory agent do?

The FlexNet inventory agent, locally installed on an Oracle Database server, collects software inventory from any operational Oracle database instances (as well as collecting hardware inventory, as required for certain license types).

How do I install flexera agent?

You can install FlexNet Agent 5.7 from the command line, or—if you are installing on Windows—by double-clicking the installer executable file. By default, the installer runs silently on UNIX platforms and runs using the InstallAnywhere installation wizard on Windows platforms.

Does Flexera integration with ServiceNow?

Flexera’s FlexNet Manager Suite solution has a certified integration with ServiceNow. By providing license management data to ServiceNow, FlexNet Manager Suite enhances a number of ITSM processes, including: Capacity, Change, Configuration, Problem, Performance, and Request Management.

How do I find my flexera agent in Linux?

How to obtain Flexera Agent Logs on Linux/Unix Systems

  1. Then we need to Navigate to our first folder, /var/opt/managesoft/
  2. This folder contains all the operational settings for the Agent, we request you send us all the contents of this folder in an archive. [

What software uses FLEXnet?

The FLEXnet Licensing Service is used by Adobe applications to check if your copy of Adobe product is genuine. It helps Adobe to prevent software piracy.

How do I find my Flexlm version in Linux?

Go to the Utilities tab. Under File Name: browse for the file lmgrd.exe. CLICK on Find Version . The current version of flexlm will be displayed below.

Is Flexera agent based?

Flexera is now positioned to help customers solve these common business problems. What do our agent-based discovery capabilities include: Image and container discovery. Event based individual container scan.

What is a flexera agent?

The Flexera Inventory Agent is capable of gathering specific inventory details around hardware (like BIOS, UUID details on Linux, MAC address in Solaris, etc.) and software usage tracking for IBM Peak Value Utilization (PVU) and Oracle License Management Services (LMS).