What is mean mintage?

Definition of mintage 1 : the action or process of minting coins. 2 : an impression placed upon a coin. 3 : coins produced by minting or in a single period of minting.

What is mintage value?

Mintage. The primary influence on the value or price of a coin is the supply of that particular coin in a particular grade that is available for people to buy. The total possible supply available to the market is determined by the initial mintage of that coin.

What is a total mintage?

/ˈmɪntɪdʒ/ us. [ S ] all the coins made at a mint or during a particular period: The coins are being released in a limited mintage of 1500 each.

What is the lowest mintage coin?

The 1913-S Barber quarter. The lowest-mintage U.S. coin of the 20th century, not counting gold coins and varieties. Only 40,000 examples were produced.

What does mintage UNC mean?

‘UNC’ or Uncirculated is a well established but always a controversial numismatic term. It literally means un-circulated, i.e. a coin that has not previously been circulated.

Are proof coins made of silver?

Proof coins are struck in platinum, gold, silver and base metal editions.

What is a low mintage?

What is coin mintage? Simply put, a coin’s mintage is the maximum number of coins that can be produced. Mintages can range from as low as 10 to 65,000 or more — and once those coins have been sold, the mint will not produce any more. The lower the mintage, the more rare and collectible the coin.

What mintage is considered rare?

The reason is that there is no general agreement as to what precisely is meant by rarity. Different sources define the term differently. But most coins–definitely mintages of 10,000 to 100,000–are not rare. In fact, few collectors can ever hope to own a truly rare coin.

What is the least minted wheat penny?

The lowest reported mintage was for the 1909-S VDB Lincoln Cent with only 484,000 pieces struck. The designer’s initials, which appear on the reverse beneath the wheat ears, were removed following objections from the public. The highest mintage was for the 1944 Lincoln Cent with 1,435,400,000 coins minted.

What does MS63 coin grade mean?

Mint luster
MS63. Mint luster may be slightly impaired. Numerous small contact marks, and a few scattered, heavy marks may be seen. Small hairlines are visible without magnification. Several detracting scuff marks or defects may be present throughout the design or in the fields.

What is ms66 coin grade?

A coin graded MS-66 has above average quality of surface and mint luster, with no more than three or four minor or noticeable contact marks. A few light hairlines may show under magnification, or there may be one or two light scuff marks showing. Eye appeal is above average and very pleasing for the date and mint.

What does mintage mean in coin collecting?

The act or process of minting; as, a coin of recent mintage. The quantity of coins of a specific type made by the mint; as, coins of low mintage tend to be more valuable as collectors’ items. The duty paid to the mint for coining.

What is the meaning of the term’mintage’?

Mintage (n.) The quantity of coins of a specific type made by the mint; as, coins of low mintage tend to be more valuable as collectors’ items. Mintage (n.) The duty paid to the mint for coining. At one time people could bring precious metals, as gold or silver, to a mint and receive in return coins…

What is the meaning of minting?

the act or process of minting. the product or result of minting; coinage. the charge for or cost of minting or coining. the output of a mint. a stamp or character impressed. ARE YOU A TRUE BLUE CHAMPION OF THESE “BLUE” SYNONYMS?

Does the obverse date reflect the actual date of mintage?

Therefore, the obverse date does not always reflect the actual date of mintage but rather a restriking off of older obverse coin die designs. This example is from Wikipedia and may be reused under a CC BY-SA license. Its companion, the even rarer 1796 half dollar (ranked 72) had a mintage of only 934.