What is meant by wantok system?

The ‘wantok’ (tok pisin = ‘one talk’) system is a social system where people who are related to each other by a common language, ethnicity, district or by provincial boundaries (defined here as ‘wantoks’) will jointly participate in sociopolitical, economic, traditional and cultural activities in Papua New Guinea …

What does Wantok mean in PNG?

same language
In Papua New Guinea (PNG) social networks are rooted in the wantok system. Wantok means ‘same language’ or ‘one talk’ in Tok Pisin (the country’s lingua franca) and refers to a reciprocal relationship of favours between kin and community members.

What does Wantok mean?

What does wantok mean? Here are all the possible meanings and translations of the word wantok. Did you actually mean windows or window sash? A close comrade: a person with whom one has a strong social bond, usually based on shared language. How to pronounce wantok?

What is a Wantok in Papua New Guinea?

wantok (plural wantoks) (Melanesia, Papua New Guinea) A close comrade; a person with whom one has a strong social bond, usually based on shared language. 1989, Vitor Abrantes, Innovative housing practices In Saraga, there are more wantoks (3.16) per household than in Bumbu (2.7).

What is wantokism?

Wantokism, both horizontal and vertical, is continually being created, communicated, stored and used by individuals. People rely on interconnected wantokgroups for comfort, resistance, nostalgia, and everyday advancement. Related entries Related Concepts Liu Related Places

What is the origin of the word wantokmay?

The exact origin of the term is unknown, although wantokmay date back to the formative period of Pijin English on trading and labour trade ships travelling through Melanesia, or to work groups on plantations in Queensland, Fiji and Samoa in the final decades of the nineteenth century.