What is METs in anesthesia?

A MET is defined as the resting metabolic rate, that is the amount of the consumed oxygen at rest. According to the MET concept a patient would be considered as “fit for surgery” when the stairs of two flights can be climbed and the housework can be fully managed by oneself.

WHAT IS MET score?

MET scores, or metabolic equivalents, are one way to bring better understand. A MET score of 1 represents the amount of energy used when a person is at rest. Using this as a baseline, scientists have given common activities MET scores.

What is the equivalent of 4 METs?

Table 1

METs Activity
3 Walking on a flat surface for one or two blocks
4 Raking leaves, weeding or pushing a power mower, walking up two flights of stairs
5 Walking four miles per hour, social dancing, washing a car
6 Nine holes of golf carrying clubs, heavy carpentry using a push mower

How is METs functional capacity calculated?

The formula to use is: METs x 3.5 x (your body weight in kilograms) / 200 = calories burned per minute. For example, say you weigh 160 pounds (approximately 73 kg) and you play singles tennis, which has a MET value of 8. The formula would work as follows: 8 x 3.5 x 73 / 200 = 10.2 calories per minute.

How is MET score calculated?

MET is a number that indicates the relative rate at which you burn calories during an activity. Sitting quietly has an MET of 1. Measure your heart rate during an activity and divide by your maximum heart rate, which is 220 minus your age. Then multiply by 100.

How many steps is 4 METs?

Easy MET Estimates 4 METs = Can walk up a flight of steps or a hill or walk on level ground at 3 to 4 mph. >10 METs = Can participate in strenuous sports such as swimming, singles tennis, football, basketball, and skiing.

What does greater than 4 METs mean?

MODERATE ( > 4 METS) (Can run two flight of stairs easily) MODERATE ( > 4 METS) (Can run two flight of stairs easily) Risk of procedure. HIGH but it doesn’t matter as he has POOR functional status which indicates need for cardiac eval.

How are MET levels measured?

What is a good MET score?

A healthy 50-year-old man should have a capacity of at least 9.2 METs; a healthy 50-year-old woman should clock in at 8.2 METs or higher, according to a recent study on women’s fitness in the New England Journal of Medicine. For men age 20, 13.5 METs; age 30, 11.4 METs; age 40, 10.3 METs.

What is the value of 1 MET?

One metabolic equivalent (MET) is defined as the amount of oxygen consumed while sitting at rest and is equal to 3.5 ml O2 per kg body weight x min.

What is METs criteria?

Metabolic Syndrome Criteria. The 5 key components of metabolic syndrome (MS) are: abdominal obesity, high triglycerides, low HDL, prehypertension (above normal blood pressure), and prediabetes (above normal blood sugar).