What is my area reference number for Virgin?

Remember, your account number is a 8 to 9 digit number, and your area reference number is a 2-digit number. Whether it’s your eBill that you view online through My Virgin Media, or a paper bill you’ll get in the post, you’ll see your account number and area reference at the top of the bill.

How do I wire Virgin Media?

Connect the Power supply to the back of the Virgin TV box. Plug the Virgin TV box into a nearby mains socket. Connect the other end of the ethernet cable from your Hub to the rear of your Virgin TV box. If your ethernet cable won’t reach you can connect by WiFi but we recommend a cable connection where possible.

What coax do virgins?

If you’re looking to extend the connection for any Virgin Media or sky TV source, rest assured with the SSL coax extension cable which is a standardized RG6 7mm cable size to fit every F-female device.

What does a virgin Ethernet cable look like?

An Ethernet cable – which is the piece of cable that comes with your Virgin Media Hub or Super Hub that connects it to your computer. This is often a yellow cable with two ends that look exactly the same.

What is an area reference?

An area reference allows people to find a general location in a grid square. Area references comprise four-figure numbers. The first two figures are always an easting and the second two figures are always a northing.

How do I find My Virgin Media username?

Your username is usually the email address that you gave us when you registered for My Virgin Media. Your password is between 6 and 10 characters, begins with a letter and contains a number.

What can I use if I don’t have a virgin socket?

Yes you do, unless your service is feeding in from another connector somewhere in your building, or outside in a service trench or enclosure. If you can’t find a Virgin Media Wall socket, then the best thing to do is to call Virgin Media right away and book an engineer to come out and assist you.

Can you use satellite cable for Virgin Media?

15m white satellite extension lead, male to female, ideal for extending the lead from a satellite dish to a Sky, Sky HD, Sky Q, Freesat or receiver or the input cable to Virgin Media HD. Satellite f-type extension cable. Screw on type F connectors. F-plug to f-plug lead with female coupler.

What cable does Virgin Media use outside?

The coax cables externally from the street are black and go to an outside box, called an omnibox. From the omnibox cables go to the internal devices, hub and V6/TiVo. These cables can be white or black, never seen a brown one. Brown ones are normal TV coax cables.

Does Virgin Media need a router?

As an existing customer, you should already have a Virgin Media router – new customers will also receive a new router automatically when they sign up to one of our broadband packages.

What type of internet is Virgin Media?

Your home can have a broadband connection by running a cable from one of the cabinets on your street to your home. This connects you to a broadband internet service provider (like Virgin Media), which can give you a high-speed connection known as broadband.