What is strength of N52 magnet?

Grade N42 magnets have a Br of 13,200 Gauss, while N52 magnets can be as high as 14,800 Gauss.

What are the different strengths of neodymium magnets?

The most common grades of Neodymium magnets are N35, N38, N40, N42, N45, N48, N50, N52, and N55. For Samarium Cobalt (SmCo) Magnets, the BHmax will range from 16 MGOe to 32 MGOe. Again, like neodymium magnets, the higher the number, the stronger the magnet.

Which magnet is stronger N35 or N52?

An N52 magnet is approximately 50% stronger than an N35 magnet (52/35 = 1.49). In the US, it is typical to find consumer grade magnets in the N40 to N42 range. In volume production, N35 is often used if size and weight are not a major consideration as it is less expensive.

What are the properties of neodymium magnet?

Summary of Physical Properties of Neodymium Iron Boron, NdFeB, magnets

Characteristic Symbol Value
Specific Heat Capacity c 0.12
Tensile Strength σUTS, or SU 8
Young’s Modulus l / E 1.6
Flexural Strength b 9.8

What is the difference between N50 and N52 magnets?

The Strongest Grade N48 – N50 – N52 rare earth neodymium magnets with very high grade ingredients. N52 magnets, stronger than N50 Magnetized through thickness 3/4″ Pull force: over 76 lbs.

How are N52 magnets made?

Production. Sintered Nd-magnets are prepared by the raw materials being melted in a furnace, cast into a mold and cooled to form ingots. The ingots are pulverized and milled; the powder is then sintered into dense blocks. The blocks are then heat-treated, cut to shape, surface treated and magnetized.

What is N52 magnet?

An N52 magnet is a neodymium magnet that contains an energy product or (BH)Max of 52MGOe (Mega-Gauss Oersteds). The “N52” is an abbreviation referring to the strength of this magnet.

What are N52 magnets used for?

In the field of information technology, neodymium magnets are particularly used in hard disc drives, mobile phones, video and audio systems of television [1]. Neodymium magnets are also commonly used in magnetic separators, filters, ionizers, in production of on–off buttons, safety sector and security systems.

What makes neodymium magnets strong?

Neodymium magnets are so strong because of their high resistance to demagnetisation (coercivity) and their high levels of magnetic saturation allowing them to generate large magnetic fields. A magnet’s strength is represented by its maximum energy product value (BHmax) which is measured in Mega Gauss Oersteds (MGOe).

Which magnet is stronger N50 or N52?

Which neodymium magnet is the strongest?

Since they were first introduced, stronger grades of neodymium magnets have become commercially available as manufacturing techniques have become more advanced. The strongest grade currently available is the N55, although it is not yet widely used.

What magnet is stronger than neodymium?

Iron Nitride Permanent Magnet Stronger than Neodymium Magnet The theoretical magnetic energy product for this iron nitride (Fe16N2) magnet is 130 mega gauss oersteds, which is more than twice the maximum reported magnet energy product for a rare-earth neodymium magnet.

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