What is the best Airtel postpaid plan?

Here are the Airtel postpaid plans offered across India:

Airtel Postpaid Plan Data Benefit SMS
Rs. 399 (1 SIM) 40 GB 100/Day
Rs. 499 (1 SIM) 75 GB 100/Day
Rs. 999 (1 SIM + 1 Family Add-on) 150 GB 100/Day
Rs. 1599 (1 SIM + 1 Family Add-on) 500 GB 100/Day

What is the cheapest postpaid Airtel plan?

The Airtel postpaid plan Rs 399 is the cheapest Airtel postpaid plan offering 40GB data monthly with 3G or 4G speeds. Users also get unlimited calling within the country to all networks and 100 SMSes per day.

Does Airtel have 199 postpaid plan?

The new Rs 199 postpaid plan offers its customers 25GB data for the entire month. Additionally, the plan also offers unlimited, local and STD calling. There are 100 SMS per day in the plan also. Lastly, under the Airtel Thanks benefits, the customers of this postpaid plan will also get Wynk Music subscription.

Which is best postpaid plan?

Best postpaid plans under ₹1,000

Plan Data Other benefits
Airtel ₹999 150GB Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar, Airtel Xstream and Handset protection
Jio ₹599 100GB Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar and JioTV
Jio ₹799 150GB Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar and JioTV
Jio ₹999 200GB Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar and JioTV

What is 149 plan in Airtel?

Airtel Rs 149 prepaid plan: The Rs 149 prepaid plan by Airtel gives 2GB data spread with unlimited calling and SMS benefits with 300 SMS. This plan offers a subscription to Airtel XStream, Wynk music and free hello tunes.

Can I recharge Airtel postpaid?

There are several postpaid bill payment methods available. However, if you wish to do a postpaid recharge online, you can give Airtel Payments Bank a try. The process is pretty easy and hassle-free. Also, you can pay your bill from the comfort of your home or even when you are on the go.

Is Airtel postpaid costly?

But you will be surprised that the most basic postpaid plan from Airtel is priced at a monthly rental of Rs 399. This means that the annual expense for the most basic postpaid plan is Rs 4,788, excluding the taxes.

What is Airtel postpaid family plan?

The Airtel Family Plans are Airtel Postpaid plans in which you can share your plan benefits with your family members by adding them in your plan. It is a cost-saving plan which allows customers to buy multiple SIMS but maintain a single bill.

Which is better Jio or Airtel?

If we consider the plans price of the plans then, Jio is better. It even allows users to choose a 1.5GB/day data plan from as low as Rs 119. The 28 days plan of the Jio is priced at Rs 239 while the Airtel plan costs Rs 299.

How many GB is 149?

Reliance Jio Rs 149 plan: The prepaid plan has a validity of 24 days and offers 24 GB data spread, this means users essentially get 1GB per day with this plan. The plan also brings unlimited calls for Jio to Jio numbers and non-Jio numbers, voice calls with a FUP limit of 300 minutes.

Is Airtel prepaid better than postpaid?

The fundamental difference between Airtel prepaid and postpaid plan. As the name suggests Airtel postpaid allows you to use the cellular network services first and then you pay a fixed

  • Pros of Airtel SIM postpaid plan.
  • Cons of Airtel postpaid.
  • Pros of Airtel SIM prepaid plan.
  • Cons of Airtel prepaid.
  • What are the best internet plans in Bangalore India?

    In Bangalore, ACT Fibernet is one of the best broadband in Bangalore. The reasons why ACT Fibernet stand out among the competitors are-High-speed plans: The internet service provider (ISP) provides plans that come with speeds up to 1 Gbps. Fibre optic technology: The ISP provides broadband connection through fibre optic cables, which is the best type of broadband.

    What is the minimum Airtel postpaid plan?

    – 249/GB – I’ve consumed approx 1600 GB till Jio was free. – So the total worth cost I’ve saved according to the plan I was using before is – 249×1600 = 398400₹

    Which is the best Airtel leased line plans?

    Businesses can get PAN India connectivity for their offices and employees from a single point of contact.

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