What is the best massage table for a massage therapist?

1 1. Portable Massage Tables. It’s always good to benefit from a portable/folding massage table, even if you have some clients that come for therapy at 2 2. Stationary Massage Tables. 3 3. Hydraulic Massage Tables. 4 4. Electric Massage Tables. 5 5. Professional Massage Tables.

How do I clean the table after a massage?

You will have to clean the table after every massage session, even if you use a cover or a towel as you perform it. We recommend utilizing a microfiber cloth and some gentle cleaning solution or disinfectant. The cleaning can affect the durability of the vinyl, though.

What is the weight of the uenjoy folding massage table?

The Uenjoy Folding Massage Table is made with a robust hardwood frame and comes with an adjustable strong face cradle. It can withstand up to a maximum of 500lbs and measures 23.6 inches.

Why is the working weight of a massage table so important?

When you give a massage to a client, the table will both have to support their weight, but also part of your own as you will apply lots of pressure on some specific areas, and even bend over and support part of your body weight on one of the table’s sides. This is why the working weight is far more important.

Why choose an nylon bearing for your massage table?

Nylon bearings offer long lasting durability and quiet operation, so you can move them wherever they are needed. Gas struts and quality actuators allow for easy adjustment. Electric adjustable massage tables have easy adjustments in operating height.

Are aluminum therapy tables good for therapists?

Even though aluminum tables are a somewhat recent addition to the market, many therapists are now choosing them for their increased strength and reduced weight, and some have a lower cost compared to wooden tables. Aluminum options are easy to set up and adjust, they’re decently durable and versatile, and they’re also quite stable.