What is the chemical name of mercuric chloride?

Mercury(II) chloride, HgCl2 (also called bichloride of mercury or corrosive sublimate), is perhaps the commonest bivalent compound.

What type of reaction is Feo ai2o3 Fe?

Type of Chemical Reaction: For this reaction we have a single replacement reaction.

What are the information conveyed by a chemical equation?

A chemical equation will tell you the formulas and symbols of the reactants and products. A chemical equation can show the physical state of a substance, whether it is a solid, liquid, gas, or in solution.

What is the empirical formula of HgCl2?

HgCl2Mercury(II) chloride / Formula

How is Hg2Cl2 formed?

Preparation and reactions Mercurous chloride forms by the reaction of elemental mercury and mercuric chloride: Hg + HgCl2 → Hg2Cl. It can be prepared via metathesis reaction involving aqueous mercury(I) nitrate using various chloride sources including NaCl or HCl.

What is a coefficient in science?

Coefficient: A number placed in front of a formula to balance a chemical equation.

How do you count atoms?

Step 1: Write the chemical formula Step 2: List all the atoms Step 3: Count the number of atoms of each element in 1 molecule. Step 4: Multiply the number of atoms of each by the coefficient. Step 5: Make sure your answer makes sense.

What are the changes that may happen to the substance during a chemical change explain with example?

Burning is an example of a chemical change. Signs of chemical change include the release of bubbles, a change of color, production of an odor, release of heat and light, and production of loud sounds. Because chemical changes result in different substances, they often cannot be undone.

What symbols are used to represent the states of matter in a chemical equation?

Using state symbols in chemical equations

State symbol Meaning
(s) solid
(l) liquid
(g) gas
(aq) aqueous (dissolved in water)