What is the darkest legal tint in Ohio?


  • Windshield: Non-reflective tint is allowed on the top 5 inches of the windshield.
  • Front Side windows: Must allow more than 50% of light in.
  • Back Side windows: Any darkness can be used.
  • Rear Window: Any darkness can be used.

How much should you tip your tint guy?

It is not common, but sometimes people tip. If the tinter did a really good job than its a nice gesture $20 is a really good tip.

Is mirror tint legal in Ohio?

Ohio does have several other important laws, rules and regulations pertaining to window tinting. They include the following: Side Mirrors: No restrictions. Restricted Colors: No colors of tint are banned.

Is windshield tint legal in Ohio?

In Ohio it is illegal to have anything darker than 75% on the front windshield, although a 5-inch tinted strip at the tip of the windshield is allowed. It also is illegal to have anything darker than 50% on the front side windows, Cairns said.

How much is a ticket for Window Tint in Ohio?

about $120
Red and yellow tint colors are not allowed according to Ohio law. The penalty for not adhering to Ohio window tint laws is about $120 in fines and a misdemeanor.

How much is a window tint ticket in Ohio?

The penalty for not adhering to Ohio window tint laws is about $120 in fines and a misdemeanor. Side mirrors don’t have any restrictions.

What state has the strictest window tint laws?

The stricter states have very intense tint laws. These require 70% VLT on either front or rear side windows or both. These states include California, Delaware, Rhode Island, New York, Michigan, Vermont, New Hampshire, Washington DC, and New Jersey. Illinois and Texas have the most difficult car tint requirements.

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How do I know what percentage window tint to get?

Darkness of tint is measured by Visible Light Transmission percentage (VLT%). In Ohio, this percentage refers to percentage of visible light allowed in through the combination of film and the window. The front two doors must be 50%or lighter. The rear can be as dark you like providing you have both mirrors .

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