What is the deer on Jägermeister?

The Hubertus legend The stag that appeared to a wild hunter and converted him to Christianity. The same hunter who would later become the patron saint of all hunters: Saint Hubertus. “This stag remains today, as it always has been, the Jägermeister trademark. A symbol of the preservation of our quality and tradition.”

Is there moose blood in Jägermeister?

For many years, Jägermeister was believed to contain stag’s blood – a myth that was especially popular in the US. To this day, Jägermeister is made according to the original secret recipe from 1934.

Was Jägermeister made for hunters?

The only thing still missing was a suitable name. Because Curt Mast was himself a passionate hunter, like many of his contemporaries, he dedicated his invention to hunters. The name “Jägermeister” was well-known in his native town of Wolfenbüttel due to its centuries-old hunting tradition and the Hubertus legend.

What was Jägermeister originally made for?

The liqueur was originally brewed as a “digestif,” a post-dinner alcoholic drink to help settle the stomach and help with digestion. Today, it can be found at dinner parties and college parties, and it may also offer some health benefits.

Why is there a cross on the Jägermeister bottle?

The deer and glowing cross of the herbal drink refers to the story of Saint Hubertus, an eighth-century Belgian who was so passionate about hunting that he often neglected his religious duties.

Does Jägermeister have Elks blood?

Contrary to a rumor that has circulated on the internet, Jägermeister does not contain deer blood nor elk blood.

Why is there a deer on the Jägermeister bottle?

Every Jägermeister bottle comes with a deer on its label. For a long time, people took this to mean the drink — and its intoxicating qualities — owed its special power to deer blood. The company responded to the long-held myth by declaring that the recipe does not and never has contained animal blood.

What type of alcohol is Jägermeister?

digestif liqueur
Jägermeister is a German digestif liqueur made with 56 different herbs and botanicals, invented in 1934. It’s 35% ABV, which is relatively high alcohol for a liqueur.

Can you drink Jägermeister straight?

Can You Drink Jager Straight? It is possible to drink Jager straight, ideally chilled or over ice. The best way is to sip it slowly to enjoy the distinct flavors. It can be pungent when digested straight, so it depends on your taste preferences.

Why is Jägermeister logo a deer?

Our striking logo draws from the tale of Saint Hubertus. Once a wild huntsman, Hubertus had a vision of a mighty stag carrying a glowing cross between its antlers. The vision transformed him and afterwards he championed a greater respect for nature, eventually becoming known as the patron saint of hunters.

What does the German word Jägermeister mean?

Master Hunter
Curt was an enthusiastic hunter. The name Jägermeister in German literally means “Master Hunter”, “Hunt Master” or “master of the hunt”. It is a title for a high-ranking official in charge of matters related to hunting and gamekeeping.

Is Jaeger a whiskey?

Jägermeister isn’t whiskey; the distillers don’t want any oak flavor seeping into their product. What comes out of the barrels is filtered a second time; then combined with a mixture of alcohol, water, caramel, and sugar; then filtered again to produce the Jägermeister on your liquor store or barroom shelf.

Does Jagermeister contain deer blood?

Jagermeister Does Not Contain Deer Blood. There are also rumors that it was originally used as a cough syrup. Although it might taste like it, Jägermeister was not marketed as a cough syrup, but it was introduced during the era of patent medicines and it is and has always been a digestif — a liqueur made from bitter herbs,…

What does the Jägermeister label mean?

The Jägermeister label is known to many, but the meaning behind it is a mystery—a glowing Christian cross between the antlers of a deer and a verse from a particular poem, albeit related to hunting. For the cross and antlers, we can thank two hunters from 700 AD, Saint Hubert and Saint Eustace.

Is Jägermeister a cough syrup?

Although it might taste like it, Jägermeister was not marketed as a cough syrup, but it was introduced during the era of patent medicines and it is and has always been a digestif — a liqueur made from bitter herbs, believed to aid digestion.

Why does Jagermeister have a cross above the head?

The glowing cross above the deer’s head pays homage to the patron saints of hunters, Saint Hubertus (Hubert) and Saint Eustace. A common rumor is that Jagermeister contains deer or elk blood, although that has been debunked.