What is the difference between Access Virus TI and TI2?

Virus TI2 has more dsp power. The Virus Control now has 3 available USB outs whereas the old TI software was just 2 USB outs. Virus TI2 is now at OS5 and has more filters/envelopes etc. The TI2 just out performs the first TI’s although the sound of both units are amazing.

When did access virus TI2 come out?

In 2009 the Virus TI2 Desktop, Keyboard and Polar revisions were released, featuring 25% faster DSP processing, a lighter, redesigned enclosure, new effects including Tape Delay, Frequency Shifter, new Distortions, and Character Control, and an enhanced Virus Control 3.0 plug-in.

Does the Access Virus have a sequencer?

Not sure if this already common knowledge, but I just discovered this. Using the Transpose as the destination, the height of the individual steps will give you values that are translated to the different notes you want to sound.

Who designed the Access Virus?

Access Music GmbH
The Access Virus is a virtual analog synthesizer made by the German company Access Music GmbH. It was first produced in 1997 and has since been upgraded frequently, with the company releasing new models about every two years.

Where are Nord keyboards made?

Stockholm, Sweden
The Nord Stage is a digital keyboard or stage piano, manufactured by Clavia Digital Music Instruments of Stockholm, Sweden.

Are Nord synths analog?

This is the new Nord Lead A1 analog modeling synthesizer – a stunning sounding synthesizer with a simplified yet hugely powerful front panel interface. Producing stand-out sounds for live or for the studio, the Lead A1 is ideal for all musical genres.

Is Nord a synth?

The Nord Wave 2 is a powerful 4-part performance synthesizer combining Virtual Analog synthesis, Samples, FM and Wavetable with an intuitive layer-focused interface.

How do I upload sounds to Nord?

Adding new sounds to your instrument is simply a matter of connecting your instrument via USB, drag-and-drop the desired files onto the application window. The files are automatically transferred to you Nord instrument and has an intelligent Download Queue functionality for transferring many sounds at a time.

Why is Nord expensive?

So, why are Nord keyboards so expensive? Simply put, Nord keyboards are extremely high-quality.

Is Access Virus TI2 the best synthesizer of our generation?

Access Virus TI2 Review Access Virus TI2 Review – The Best Synthesizer Of Our Generation? There is no doubt that Access puts out quality synthesizers. Their main line of synthesizers is the Virus. There are 4 different Virus models: The TI Desktop, Snow, Keyboard, and Polar.

How many effects does the Virus TI2 desktop have?

The effects section of the Virus TI2 desktop is amazing! You can use a maximum of 192 parallel effects. For effects you’ll get reverb, delay, chorus, phaser, frequency shifter, ring modulator, distortion, 3-band EQ and new Character processors.

What do I get with the Virus TI?

With the Virus TI, you’ll get an easy-to-follow quickstart manual, a USB cable, a power cable, and a power supply. The instruction manual is printed in four languages: English, German, French, and Spanish. If for some reason you lose the manual, you can always download it here. The Virus TI2 is an extremely powerful desktop synthesizer.

Can the Virus TI2 desktop sync to an external MIDI clock?

The Virus TI2 Desktop can be synced to an external midi clock. It can alternately send its own midi clock signal as well. This comes in handy for the TI2’s arpeggiator and quantized knob-movement feature.