What is the difference between Fiskars X27 and super splitter?

What’s the difference between the Fiskars X27 and the black Fiskars Super Splitting Axe? Nothing.. except the orange, slightly rubberized handle on the X27. It’s purely cosmetic.

Are fiskar axes good?

For general purpose wood splitting for firewood, a Fiskars axe is extremely reliable and surprisingly capable at a very affordable price. The lightweight plastic handle makes it easy to swing and the enclosed axe head design ensures the head never comes loose.

Are Fiskars axes made in China?

All Fiskars cookware is manufactured at our factory at Sorsakoski, a small village located in Northern Savonia. Since its founding in 1891, the factory has played a significant role in the lives of the villagers and those living in surrounding areas.

Which Fiskars axe is best?

The X27 is the best Fiskars splitting axe for pure splitting power. The 4lb head can split logs (24”+) and the 36″ length will maximize the swing force while reducing the chance of injury.

Can you hammer with a Fiskars AXE?

JB I own that Fiskar axe it works great for splitting and hammering. Its pretty lightweight too so it won’t weigh you down much.

Where are Fiskars machetes made?

The Fiskars brand is from Finland… Q: what is the country of origin? A: It’s made in China, as I expected.

What type of steel does Fiskars use?

drop-forged carbon steel
Fiskars protects its steel types as trade secrets, but it’s known to be a flavor of drop-forged carbon steel. The handle encloses the head, preventing you from changing out the blade.

How do you sharpen a Fiskars splitting AXE?

The easiest way to sharpen your axe is by using our Xsharp sharpener. Firstly, choose the angle for your axe blade, and then do between three to five even, horizontal strokes. To make sure the blade is sharp enough, see if you can carve a mark on the surface of a log.

Can you hit the back of an AXE?

If you need to split wood but aren’t confident of hitting the target, baton instead. Always use a wooden baton, never hit the back of your axe with anything metal.

How good is the Fiskars X27 axe?

The X27 is a heavier axe but still not as heavy as many mauls. Fiskars does have a heavier maul version though. After a few lessons last fall, my wife (135lbs) was able to split softwood with it quite well. I think she might have struggled if she was splitting maple though. Time and practice will tell.

How big is the X27 split axe?

The X27 boasts a formidable 36” composite handle combined with a well-designed splitting head. What you get is an extremely efficient and powerful splitting axe that is almost unr ivaled. I’ve used mine for 4 years and overall I’m very impressed.

What makes a Fiskars-axe different?

Traditionally, an axe has a wooden handle. Fiskars has decided that even an old type of tool such as an axe can be improved. The fibreglass reinforced plastic FiberComp handle of a Fiskars-axe is stronger than a wooden handle.

What is the best axe for splitting wood?

Fiskars X27 Super Splitting Axe (36″) Fiskars axes combine perfect weight distribution, advanced blade geometry and an ultra-sharp edge to disperse wood more effectively. The result? More one-strike splits with every swing.