What is the groove on the heart?

Shallow grooves called the interventricular sulci, containing blood vessels, mark the separation between ventricles on the front and back surfaces of the heart. There are two grooves on the external surface of the heart.

What is a coronary groove?

The coronary sulcus (also called coronary groove, auriculoventricular groove, atrioventricular groove, AV groove) is a groove on the surface of the heart that separates the atria from the ventricles.

What are the three grooves of the heart?

The cardiac crux is the posteroseptal region (the diaphragmatic aspect) of the heart where the AV, interventricular, and interatrial grooves form a roughly cross-shaped intersection, which represents the confluence of all four cardiac chambers with the CS in their nearest proximity.

What is the indentation of the heart called?

The heart is situated within the medial portion of the thoracic cavity, an indentation known as the. mediastinum.

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Which groove separates the atria and the ventricles of the heart?

The coronary sulcus
The coronary sulcus is circumferential and separates the atria from the ventricles. The anterior and posterior interventricular sulci or grooves separate the ventricles.

Where is the AV groove of the left circumflex?

Left circumflex artery Its course nearly mirrors that of the RCA as it travels under the left atrial appendage, in the left AV sulcus, around the left acute margin, and toward the crux (Figures 1 and 7).

What are the two grooves of the heart?

One, the atrioventricular groove, is along the line where the right atrium and the right ventricle meet; it contains a branch of the right coronary artery (the coronary arteries deliver blood to the heart muscle). The other, the anterior interventricular sulcus, runs along the line between the…

What is crista terminalis?

The crista terminalis is a smooth ridge of tissue that begins at the roof of the right atrium anterior to the superior vena cava orifice and extends inferiorly to the anterior lip of the inferior vena cava.

Which groove extends downward from the coronary sulcus on the front of the heart?

The groove that extends downward from the coronary sulcus on the front of the heart is the anterior — sulcus.

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