What is the health benefit of Kolanut?

Aid to digestion: Kola nut powder and extract may help digestion. They are thought to promote the production of gastric acid, which increases digestive enzyme effectiveness in the stomach. Increase in circulation: The caffeine and theobromine in the kola nut may speed up the heart rate, which increases circulation.

What is the side effect of bitter kola?

Eating too much of bitter kola can cause tremors, poor sleep, restlessness, drowsiness, dizziness , and shakiness. Bitter kola has CNS manifestations so it can cause you headaches….

What is kola nut used for?

Kola nut extract is classified as a natural food flavoring. The FDA has also approved kola extract as an inactive ingredient in certain pharmaceuticals. In the past, kola extract was used in certain weight loss drugs and over-the-counter stimulants. Kola nut extract is also marketed as an herbal supplement.

Is kola nut good for weight loss?

Kola nut is a good weight loss supplement because it increases metabolism helps in digestion and proper movement of the bowl. It helps in reducing appetite and not only that because of its role in improving the body’s metabolism thereby effectively burning fats.

Is kola nut good for high blood pressure?

Causes Increased Blood Pressure People suffering from hypertension are advised by medical practitioners to stay away from these nuts as their stimulant property increase the blood pressure. People with normal heart function can enjoy these kola nuts, however, it must not be too much.

Who should not eat bitter kola?

Bitter kola is not beneficial for those who suffer diabetes. It is another one among side effects of bitter kola related to the presence of caffeine in the product. The caffeine can lead to an incorrect sugar level in your body, so it is better to be careful with this product.

Is bitter kola good for the lungs?

It helps us to breath. The considerate amount of regular consumption of the seed helps in strengthening the fibers and the lung tissue, stabilising any counter effects. It further assists in maintaining a good respiratory track and treats chest colds. It has a favourably high antioxidant content for a healthy body.

Does Coca-Cola use kola nut?

These days, the Coca-Cola recipe is a closely guarded secret. But it’s said to no longer contain kola nut extract, relying instead on artificial imitations to achieve the flavour. Recipes for making kola soda abound, however, and if you want to taste what a real cola might have been like, you can take a crack at it.

What is the work of bitter kola in a woman’s body?

Helps pregnancy: Bitter kola contrary to what some may believe, actually has been said to be helpful and useful in and for pregnant women, as it helps in combating nausea and vomiting, making the uterus healthier, supplies strength to the expectant mother and normalizes circulation of blood also.

Is bitter kola good for woman?

Is bitter kola good for BP?

This study shows that Garcinia kola contains in its alcohol extract, a vasoactive substance that has a blood pressure reducing effect.