What is the highest mg of Soma?

SOMA (carisoprodol) Tablets are available as 250 mg and 350 mg round, white tablets.

How do Soma pills make you feel?

Taking Soma (carisoprodol) can make you feel sleepy and affect your concentration and focus. This is more likely to happen if you are over 65 or take other medications that cause drowsiness.

What is the street value of 350 mg Somas?

In the United States, street value is $1 to $5 per 350 mg pill.

Is Soma good for anxiety?

Does Soma relieve pain? Considering that carisoprodol was primarily developed to treat anxiety; then yes, carisoprodol can help to relieve pain. Anxiety, fear and stress are the biggest amplifiers of pain severity. Relieving anxiety, fear and stress can most certainly help to relieve pain too.

Is Soma a benzo?

It belongs to the benzodiazepine family of drugs. This type of drug has a high potential for abuse. There are also some key differences between the two drugs.

Can Soma be used for anxiety?

How quickly does Soma work?

The effects of carisoprodol generally set in within 30 minutes of taking the drug and generally last 4-6 hours. Abusing carisoprodol can have many adverse effects on the body. The Drug Enforcement Administration lists the following physical effects: Agitation.

Does Soma Show On Drug Test?

Carisoprodol and meprobamate can be detected on a screen for prescription or over-the-counter drugs in blood and urine, as may be done in the case of a suspected overdose. They typically aren’t included in a urine drug screen such as done for employment.

Is Soma A diazepam?

Compared to similar drugs, Valium (diazepam) acts very quickly but can have interactions with other medicines. Relaxes your muscles. Soma (carisoprodol) is used for muscle spasms and muscle pain but it’s not considered a first-choice treatment and not meant for long-term therapy.

What is the recommended dose of Soma?

The recommended dose of SOMA is 250 mg to 350 mg three times a day and at bedtime. The recommended maximum duration of SOMA use is up to two or three weeks.

What is the drug label for Soma?

Drug Label Information. SOMA (carisoprodol) Tablets are available as 250 mg and 350 mg round, white tablets. Carisoprodol is a white, crystalline powder, having a mild, characteristic odor and a bitter taste. It

What are the side effects of Soma?

Advise patients that SOMA may cause drowsiness and/or dizziness, and has been associated with motor vehicle accidents. Patients should be advised to avoid taking SOMA before engaging in potentially hazardous activities such as driving a motor vehicle or operating machinery [ see Warnings and Precautions (5.1) ].

What is the difference between 250mg and 350mg Soma?

250 mg Tablets: round, convex, white tablets, inscribed with SOMA 250; available in bottles of 100 (NDC 0037-2250-10) and bottles of 30 (NDC 0037-2250-30). 350 mg Tablets: round, convex, white