What is the M27 IAR replacing?

We all know now that HK won the Marine Corps Infantry Automatic Rifle competition with the famed M27 IAR. The contest sought out an automatic rifle to replace the M249 SAW as a squad support weapon.

Is M27 IAR replacing M4?

While talking about the Corps’ request, Chris Woodburn, deputy of the Maneuver Branch, Fires and Maneuver Integration at Marine Corps Combat Development Command, said “The new order will replace all M4s in every infantry squad with an M27, except for the squad leader.” He also stated that the change includes infantry …

What is the difference between the M4 and M27?

The M27 differs in other ways. The rifle barrel is slightly longer and heavier than the M4 carbine, giving the M27 a slight range advantage over the carbine. The thicker M27 barrel can fire longer than the M4 before overheating, but will also disperse heat longer.

How much does an M27 rifle cost?

Of those weapons, the first 5,660 will cost about $1,300 per weapon. During a March House Armed Services Committee hearing, lawmakers claimed that the M27 would cost about $3,000 per rifle, or roughly four times the $642 per weapon price tag for the M4 carbine, which the IAR s replacing.

Do Marines still use m16s?

The US military has largely replaced the M16 in frontline combat units with a shorter and lighter version, the M4 carbine.

Is the M27 good?

The M27 is insanely precise and when its shooter has mastered the basic fundamentals of marksmanship, it creates a dangerous duo. An automatic weapon is only as good as the rifleman holding it. Let that Marine also be an expert in ammo conservation and they’ve become one of the most effective players on the board.

How good is the M27?

Who carries the M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle?

The M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle (IAR) is a 5.56mmx45mm rifle that used by United States Marine Corps (USMC) forces. The M27 will replace many of the M249 SAW belt-fed light machine guns currently employed at the squad level. The M27 is based on the Heckler & Koch HK416 D16. 5RS assault rifle.

Was the M16A2 used in Vietnam?

The weapon has seen combat actions through the Vietnam War (and its subsequent regional civil wars), Grenade, Panama, the 1991 Gulf War, the Somali Civil War and – most recently – in the American-led invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq following the events of 9/11.