What is the meaning of arduously?

1a : hard to accomplish or achieve : difficult an arduous task years of arduous training. b : marked by great labor or effort : strenuous … a life of arduous toil.— A. C. Cole. 2 : hard to climb : steep an arduous path.

Does arduous mean harsh?

hard to endure; full of hardships; severe: an arduous winter.

What is the same meaning of arduous?

The words difficult and hard are common synonyms of arduous. While all three words mean “demanding great exertion or effort,” arduous stresses the need of laborious and persevering exertion.

What does ARD mean?

Alright. In text messaging and online, the abbreviation ARD is widely used with the meaning “Alright.” In this context, it is typically used to indicate assent or agreement, or as a statement that everything is okay. ARD is one of many abbreviations that mean “Alright.” Others include: AIT, I8 and RD.

What is the synonym of boredom?

Synonyms of ‘boredom’ in British English She felt she would go mad with the tedium of the job. apathy. doldrums. weariness. monotony.

Where is arduous used?

Arduous sentence example

  1. It was an arduous trip.
  2. It was an arduous climb up the mountain.
  3. They began the arduous climb, puffing in the high elevation for ten minutes until the trail leveled and opened to their left.
  4. It was not too arduous a task for a Sunday morning.

How do you say pork carnitas?

Phonetic spelling of carnita

  1. car-ni-ta.
  2. Car-nita.
  3. kahr-nee-tuh z; Spanish kahr-nee-tahs.

What does Rd mean in text?

The abbreviation “RD” is often used in text messaging and online to mean “Alright” or “Real Deal.” However, the focus of this article will be on the definition of “Real Deal.” The abbreviation “RD” stands for “Real Deal” and is used to illustrate that someone or something is genuine rather than a copy or imitation.

What does ARB stand for?

angiotensin-receptor blocker; angiotensin II receptor blocker …