What is the meaning of Trun in Urdu?

آہستہ مگر شور سے حرکت کرنا ، رول کرنا ۔

What is the meaning of Vishwas Ghat in English?

betrayal variable
/vishvāsaghāta/ mn. betrayal variable noun. A betrayal is an action that betrays someone or something.

What do you mean by the lake?

lake, any relatively large body of slowly moving or standing water that occupies an inland basin of appreciable size. Definitions that precisely distinguish lakes, ponds, swamps, and even rivers and other bodies of nonoceanic water are not well established.

What does it mean to turn to someone?

transitive (turn to someone) to go to someone for help when you are having difficulty dealing with a situation. I’m sorry, but I had no one else to turn to. There are plenty of people you can turn to for advice. Synonyms and related words. To ask someone for help.

What does betrayal of others mean?

Definition of betrayal 1 : the act of betraying someone or something or the fact of being betrayed : violation of a person’s trust or confidence, of a moral standard, etc.

What is the synonym of betrayal?

In this page you can discover 34 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for betrayal, like: disloyalty, treachery, treason, deception, hypocrisy, perfidy, dishonesty, sellout, double-cross, breach and exposure.

How were lakes formed?

The huge masses of ice carved out great pits and scrubbed the land as they moved slowly along. When the glaciers melted, water filled those depressions, forming lakes. Glaciers also carved deep valleys and deposited large quantities of earth, pebbles, and boulders as they melted.

How are lakes formed Class 3?

Lakes are formed due to the action of glaciers and ice sheets. Such lakes are formed when glaciers erode the land creating a depression. Many lakes in the Himalayan region are of glacial origin.

What does turn towards mean?

to turn towards: to move in the direction of, to rotate and face.

How do you use turn?

Turn-to sentence example. Is it my turn to watch? It was his turn to shrug. It was Connie’s turn to stare, and she did so in disbelief.

Why do people betray?

There could be three reasons. The first is excessive ambition, greed, lust or passion. When a person cannot control is overcome with these vices, he’s liable to betray. A drug addict will betray the trust placed on him because his addiction is overpowering.

What is betrayal in love?

A spouse is betrayed when their partner has an affair. Betrayal is when someone you trust lies to you, cheats on you, abuses you, or hurts you by putting their own self-interest first. Betrayal as loss. Betrayal is probably the most devastating loss a person can experience.

What causes a lake to turn over?

1 of 2. Lake turn over is a phenomenon that generally occurs twice a year, spring and fall. It is caused by water temperatures being different at the surface and in the lower regions of a lake.

How long does it take for a lake to turn over?

The turnover happens again during the spring when the water begins to warm up. The process usually takes a few weeks, but it of course varies with each lake and where they’re located. Loading more articles…

What is the process of Lake turnover?

Lake turnover is the process of a lake’s water turning over from top (epilimnion) to bottom (hypolimnion). During the summer, the epilimnion, or surface layer, is the warmest. It is heated by the sun. The deepest layer, the hypolimnion, is the coldest.

What happens to the water at the bottom of a lake?

Meaning, water from the bottom of the lake rises to the top, and water from the top of the lake sinks to the bottom. The process allows for oxygen to be replenished and nutrients to be distributed throughout the lake.