What is the national flag of Pakistan?

The flag was retained upon the establishment of a constitution in 1956, and remains in use as the national flag for the present-day Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The flag is made up of a green field with a tilted white crescent moon and five-pointed star at its centre, and a vertical white stripe at its hoist-end.

Who unfurled the first Pakistani flag on foreign soil?

Mohammad Iqbal Qureshi was one of the Muslim boy scouts who with the help of his friends turned a green turban into a Pakistani flag and unfurled it. 15 August 1947 was the first time when the Pakistani flag flew on foreign soil. ^ “Pakistan Flag specification: Resolution Passed by Constituent Assembly”. Pakistan.org. Retrieved 11 December 2007.

Why did Muhammad Ali Jinnah reject the flag of Pakistan?

This proposal was rejected by Muhammad Ali Jinnah on the grounds that a flag featuring both Saint George’s Christian Cross alongside an Islamic star and crescent as well as the flag of a colonizing power on top of the Pakistani flag would not be accepted by the Pakistani people.

What are the rules for the use of the Pakistan flag?

The use of the national flag is regulated by the Pakistan Flag Rules, which were introduced in 2002 by Prime Minister Zafarullah Khan Jamali. The rules are not available online but there have been instances of misuse such as officials using flags on their vehicles when they are not entitled to do so.

What is the crescent on the Pakistan flag?

The Pakistan Flag is based on the original flag of the Muslim League, With the centre at point P1 and a radius 3/10 the height of the flag describe the first circle C1 and with centre at point P2 and a radius 11/40 the height of the flag describe a second circle C2. The enclosures made by these two circles form the crescent.

What does the flag of Islamabad look like?

The flag for Islamabad – capital of Pakistan – is primarily based on the National Flag of Pakistan. The diagonal design is to differentiate it from the national flag. The square shape is to make the triangles symmetric. The star and crescent are ‘regular’ as in the National flag. The black colour is added to give it a distinct look.