What is the net scheme in Hong Kong?

The Native-speaking English teacher (NET) scheme, has been running in Hong Kong for over two decades. It places English teachers in public-sector primary and secondary schools on 2-year contracts. TEFL jobs in Hong Kong frequently offer lucrative salaries and packages, and the NET scheme is no different.

How much do English teachers earn in Hong Kong?

In order to teach English in Hong Kong, most teachers will require a bachelor’s degree and either TEFL certification or at least two years prior teaching experience. The average salary for teaching in Hong Kong is $3,000 to $7,400 per month.

How do I become a secondary school teacher in Hong Kong?

  1. a bachelor’s degree in any subject from a Hong Kong university or equivalent;
  2. a master’s degree in TEFL/TESL, or equivalent; and.
  3. at least 1 year’s post-graduate experience of teaching English (preferably as a second or foreign language) at secondary level or above.

How do I become a primary school teacher in Hong Kong?

(i) a Bachelor’s degree in any subject from a Hong Kong University or equivalent; and (ii) a recognized teacher training qualification in primary education; and *(iii) a TEFL/TESL qualification at least at the certificate level.

How do I claim $10000 in Hong Kong?

Members of the public who have doubts about the authenticity of calls may call the Hongkong Post hotline at 2921 2222. The Cash Payout Scheme (“the Scheme”) is an initiative announced in the 2020-21 Budget for disbursing HK$10,000 to each Hong Kong permanent resident aged 18 or above.

How can I teach in Hong Kong?

Category 1:

  1. Bachelor’s degree in English (BA or BEd)
  2. Post-graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) majoring in English, like MEd or BEd + teaching license (English)
  3. TEFL/TESL qualification at the diploma level.
  4. At least 1 year post-graduate English teaching experience at secondary level or above (ESL teaching preferred)

Can non natives teach English in Hong Kong?

Can non native speakers teach English in Hong Kong? Yes, Non-native English speakers have many opportunities to teach in Hong Kong if they have a native-like level of English, are well-educated with a degree and preferably a TEFL/TESOL and have some teaching or teacher-like experience.

How much do international school teachers make in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong International School Salaries

Job Title Salary
Teacher salaries – 6 salaries reported HK$490,000/yr
Teaching Assistant salaries – 2 salaries reported HK$173,000/yr
Teacher Assistant salaries – 2 salaries reported HK$230,100/yr
Technology Coach salaries – 2 salaries reported HK$705,000/yr

Is Pgce Recognised in HK?

*IMPORTANT – The Education Bureau of Hong Kong does NOT recognise the Postgraduate Certificate in Education (International) (PGCEi) from the University of Nottingham as applicable Teaching Qualifications to apply for Teacher Registration.

Is Pgce Recognised in Hong Kong?

If I do a PGCE, Can I Become A Registered Teacher in Hong Kong? If you opt to do your PGCE at Sunderland, then yes. However, it is worth noting that people are concerned if the EDB is going to continue to recognise it in the future. As of Nov 2019, the PGCE from Sunderland University is recognised by the EDB.

Is education in Hong Kong free?

Education is free and compulsory in primary and junior secondary school. Independent schools (including the English Schools Foundation (ESF) and international schools) follow the U.S., U.K, I.B. or other overseas curriculum. In total, there are 12 accredited higher education institutions in Hong Kong.

Does Hong Kong have good education?

Higher Education The University of Hong Kong and the Chinese University of Hong Kong in particular were awarded top spots in international university rankings.