What is the past participle of hablar?

spoken hablado
Other Forms

Present Participle speaking hablando
Past Participle spoken hablado

What are the five forms of hablar?


  • hablo.
  • hablas.
  • él/ella/Ud. habla.
  • hablamos.
  • habláis.
  • ellos/ellas/Uds. hablan.

How do you conjugate the past participle?

To form the past participle, simply drop the infinitive ending (-ar, -er, -ir) and add -ado (for -ar verbs) or -ido (for -er, -ir verbs). Most past participles can be used as adjectives. Like other adjectives, they agree in gender and number with the nouns that they modify.

What is the past tense of hablar in Spanish?

Preterite Indicative of Hablar

Person/Number Verb Change
Yo (I) Hablé
Tú (you) Hablaste
Usted, él, ella (he, she, it) Habló
Nosotros (we) Hablamos

Is hablar irregular?

The verb hablar is a regular ‐ ar verb in all forms and tenses.

How do you use hablar in a sentence?

Example Sentences for Conditional Hablar Conjugation

  1. Conditional: “¿Si te pidiera perdón, hablarías con ella? -> “If she apologized, would you speak to her?”
  2. Perfect Conditional: “Habrían hablado antes si estuvieran en la misma clase” -> “They would have talked before if they had been in the same class.”

What tense is estoy hablando?

Much Ado About Nothing.

English Conjugation Spanish
I had spoken Imperfect Perfect Había hablado
I will have spoken Future Perfect Habré hablado
I would have spoken Conditional Perfect Habría hablado
* I am speaking Present Progressive Estoy hablando

What is past participle example?

The verbs “thrown” in “the ball has been thrown” and “raised” in “many hands were raised” are past participles. These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word ‘past participle.

What is the past participle of choose?

Choose is an irregular verb, and it also has two other forms: choosing (the continuous tense form), as in They are currently choosing a winner, and chosen (the past participle form, which is often preceded by a form of the helping verbs be or have), as in They have chosen a winner.

What is the yo form of Necesitar?

Necesitar is a Spanish regular ar verb meaning to need….Necesitar Conjugation: Present Tense.

yo necesito
él/ella necesita
nosotros/as necesitamos
vosotros/as necesitáis

What is the preterite tense of hablar?

Hablar in the Preterite Tense The preterite tense is used to talk about things that

How to conjugate hablar?

Hablar, meaning “to speak,” is often one of the first verbs that Spanish students learn to conjugate, and for good reason: It is a regular verb ending in -ar, meaning that most other verbs ending in -ar, the most common verb type, are conjugated the same way. Conjugation is simply the process of changing a verb to reflect its application, such

Does a past participle need a helping verb?

in a nominative absolute construction, with a subject: The task finished, we returned home. The past participle can also be used with the helping verb to have to form a type of past tense (which we’ll talk about in Advanced Verb Tenses ): The chicken has eaten. It is also used to form the passive voice: Tianna was voted as most likely to succeed.

What does hablar mean in Spanish?

hacer hablar a alguien to get somebody to talk. 4. (expresiones) a. hablar por hablar to talk for the sake of talking. hablar bien/mal de to speak well/badly of. me han hablado muy bien de este restauranteI’ve heard a lot of good things about this restaurant, I’ve heard people speak very highly of this restaurant.