What is the proper way to reference a book title?

Titles of full works like books or newspapers should be italicized. Titles of short works like poems, articles, short stories, or chapters should be put in quotation marks. Titles of books that form a larger body of work may be put in quotation marks if the name of the book series is italicized.

How do you write a book title in APA format?

Use double quotation marks around the title of an article or chapter, and italicize the title of a periodical, book, brochure, or report.

How do you cite a podcast in APA 6th edition?

Podcast Citation Structure: (Contributor title). (Year, Month Date). Podcast title [Audio podcast]. URL.

How do you cite a direct quote from a podcast?


  1. Reference: Host(s) last name, Initial. (Host).
  2. In-text citation (paraphrase): (Host(s)’ last name, year)
  3. In-text citation (direct quote): (Host(s)’ last name, year, timestamp) *timestamp in 00:00 format.
  4. Tips: Be sure to indicate the correct podcast format.

How do you reference a book title in writing?

Titles of books should be underlined or put in italics . (Titles of stories, essays and poems are in “quotation marks.”) Refer to the text specifically as a novel, story, essay, memoir, or poem, depending on what it is. In subsequent references to the author, use his or her last name.

Do you put podcast titles in quotes?

Use quotation marks, with no italics, around titles of:

  • articles and papers.
  • chapters.
  • individual lectures.
  • podcasts and individual videos.
  • short poems.
  • short stories.
  • single TV episodes.
  • songs.

How do you cite a PBS documentary in APA?

APA Style

  1. To cite a film: Producer, A. A. (Producer), & Director, B. B. (Director). (Year). Title of motion picture [Motion picture].
  2. To cite an episode of TV: Writer, W. W. (Writer), & Director, D. D. (Director). (Year).
  3. To cite an online video: Name, N. N. (Year, Month Day). Title [Video file].

How do you cite a podcast in an essay?

Last name, First name of the individual who posted the content OR the name of the company who posted it OR the username. “Title of the podcast episode.” Title of the Podcast, Name of the Publisher/Where you listened to it (only include if it is different than the author or title), Date it was posted, URL.

How do you write the title of a podcast?

How To Title Your Podcast Episodes For Maximum Exposure

  1. Make sure your titles add value and say what the episode is about. People often make the mistake of trying to be cool and funny in their episode titles – don’t!
  2. Don’t put your podcast’s name in the episode title.
  3. Remember that Google Podcasts is a search engine.
  4. DON’T keyword stuff.
  5. Next Steps.