What is the suffix of ous?

The suffix ‘ous’ turns nouns and verbs into adjectives. • ‘ous’ means ‘having’, ‘full of’ or ‘possessing’.

What words end with the suffix ous?


  • awmous.
  • bayous.
  • bijous.
  • cerous.
  • comous.
  • cymous.
  • famous.
  • How do you use ous?

    How to use the suffix -ous

    1. ‘Dangerous’ means ‘full of danger’.
    2. ‘Adventure’ becomes ‘adventurous’.
    3. ‘Fury’ becomes ‘furious’.
    4. ‘Humour’ becomes ‘humorous’.

    Is ous a vowel suffix?

    Where ‘ous’ is added to a root word, normal rules for adding vowel suffixes apply(see Rule 21). E.g. ‘e’ at the end of a root word is often removed. The ‘ee’ sound before ‘ous’ is often spelt ‘i’. NOTE: If the root word ends in ‘our’, this is usually changed to ‘or’ when ‘ous’ is added.

    What are 5 words that end with ous?

    5-letter words ending with OUS

    anous clous
    Igous Lious
    meous pious
    thous vrous

    What words contain ous?

    12-letter words that end in ous

    • simultaneous.
    • advantageous.
    • unscrupulous.
    • subconscious.
    • subcutaneous.
    • preposterous.
    • percutaneous.
    • contemptuous.

    What are ous words?

    What are the 4 rules when adding a suffix?

    Suffix Spelling Rules: 6 Keys for Adding Suffixes Correctly

    • Rule 1: Double the Consonant.
    • Rule 2: Drop the Silent E.
    • Rule 3: Keep the Final E.
    • Rule 4: Keep the Y.
    • Rule 5: Change the Y to an I.
    • Rule 6: Change IE to Y.
    • Expand Your Vocabulary.

    What do the suffixes ous Eous ious mean?

    STUDY. dangerous. causing fear or anxiety by threatening great harm.

    What osu means?

    押忍In our school of karate, “OSU” is a greeting, and is used to replace words and phrases such as “yes, good, I will, and excuse me.” The word “osu” comes from the Chinese Kanji characters “Oshi Shinobu”, 押忍, which means “to persevere while being pushed.” This word is one of the most important philosophies in Kyokushin …