What is the visitor section at Michigan Stadium?

Although there is no designated visitor sections, most opposing team fans are subjected to sit in the upper tier of the South Endzone between sections 9-15. If you are fan of the visiting team and want to ensure you sit with your fellow fans, the upper tier of the South Endzone is where you want to be.

Are end zone seats good?

End zone upper level These seats are the worst in the house. They are labeled as the “nosebleeds” simply because you are up so high, your nose literally starts to bleed. Not only are you the furthest away from the field vertically, you are also nowhere close to the field horizontally.

How many sections are in the Michigan Stadium?

10-level sections, rows and seats at Michigan Stadium.

What row is the tunnels at Michigan Stadium?

On the east sideline (Sections 1-4, 42-44) entry tunnels are located at Rows 56 and 74, while the west sideline (Sections 20-26) only has tunnels at Row 72.

Do you have to wear a mask in Michigan Stadium?

Fans are also encouraged, but not required, to wear masks in the outdoor stadium sections. Guests are required to wear face coverings when in any indoor area, regardless of their vaccination status.

Are blankets allowed in Michigan Stadium?

Permitted Items: Cell phones and pagers. Small cameras (those with a lens shorter than 6 inches) and radios. Blankets and rain apparel, except umbrellas.

Where should I sit at Michigan stadium?

The best seats at Michigan stadium are located in the sections closest to midfield such as sections 22-24, 1-2, and 44. Because these sections have so many rows, you ideally want to sit between rows 10-30 so you can watch the plays develop from all corners of the field.

Where is the best place to sit in a stadium?

Ideally you want to be central in the side stands, as close to the halfway line as possible. The further towards one end or another you are, the more difficult it will be to see the pitch and to understand exactly what’s happening.

What are the best seats in Michigan Stadium?

How wide are the seats at Michigan Stadium?

107,601Michigan Stadium / Capacity

How many rows up is a in Michigan Stadium?

Michigan Stadium is bleacher seating and is made up of a single level containing up to 98 rows in a single section, making higher level rows similar to upper level seats in more traditional stadiums.