What kind of game is Wildstar?

WildStar. WildStar is a Free to Play sci-fi Fantasy MMORPG with a stylized cartoon-ish look from NCSoft ’s Southern California-based Carbine Studios. Play is set on the newly discovered planet of Nexus, once home to the technologically advanced race called the Eldan. Long ago, they mysteriously vanished.

Is WildStar a dead offline game?

Wildstar is a game that allows for Addons and they can great help you out. This is guide is about how to manually install and what addons are recommended by the ROGUE GARR team. Save Wildstar! What if they tweak the whole thing a bit, and sell it as an dead offline game (so you would know it will not receive any updates), so we can play.

Do Wildstar’s paths accomodate specific MMO play styles?

“WildStar’s Paths accomodate [sic] specific MMO play styles”. Destructoid. Retrieved June 18, 2013. ^ “WildStar Beta Q&A about PvP content”.

Is Wildstar world PvP dead?

This week our columnist says a sad goodbye to Wildstar, looking back on the good times and the bad. The Nexus Times: WildStar World PvP is Dead Nick Shively | 28th October 2014 With empty battlefields, and recruitment at an all time low it may be time to declare Wildstar PvP is dead. Top of the Week: Firefall Interview, Nosgoth Giveaway, and More

What was the main downfall of Wildstar?

The cartoon graphics and horrible gameplay was the main downfall of this game. Both Wildstar and ESO launched in the game year of 2014 and now look at ESO… one of the most successful mmorpgs right now on the market while Wildstar bites the dust.

Is Wildstar shutting down for good?

WildStar’s Run Comes to an End on November 28th, Final Update Deployed. The WildStar site has been updated with the precise date that the game will shut down for good: November 28th.

Can you make a character in WildStar?

In WildStar, players were able to create a character that they could control through their playing session. These characters could move in an open, persistent world environment. Characters could level from 1 to 50.