What makes Quiznos unique?

Our secret lies in the fact that while our competitors file their customers down a cafeteria line, charging for a sandwich the customer could have made at home, Quiznos sandwiches are created by actual chefs who design recipes and create flavor profiles that are complex, unique and irresistible.

Why is Quiznos called Quiznos?

The name Quiznos was a faux-Italian name Lambatos invented using two of the most memorable letters of the alphabet: Q & Z. Nowadays, I don’t really think of Quiznos as being Italian food or being very separate from other sandwich shops – which may have been its downfall. Quiznos started out pretty strong.

What’s better Subway or Quiznos?

Taste/Food Quality: Starting with the meat, Quiznos has long marketed itself as having higher quality ingredients than Subway. When it comes to the chicken, this is indeed the case. Quiznos chicken chunks have a nice texture, and are neither overly dry nor too chewy.

Why are there so few Quiznos?

Because they weren’t making money. Quiznos at the time relied on food and paper sold to its franchisees to make much of its profits. The company owned a subsidiary called American Food Distributors that bought food from vendors and distributed the food to operators.

What state has the most Quiznos?

The state with the most number of Quiznos locations in the US is California, with 20 locations, which is 11% of all Quiznos locations in America.

Who started Quiznos?

Jimmy Lambatos
Todd Disner

Which state has the most Quiznos?

Why are there no more Quiznos?

Quiznos could have helped those operators out, but it had that debt it needed to pay off. The funding from the sales of that food was too important. So the chain kept closing units.

Is Quiznos more expensive than Subway?

Subway offers cheaper price on its tasty subs compared to Quiznos which generally have at least a dollar more expensive sandwiches.

What kind of bread does Quiznos have?

Classic Subs Choose a bread: White Bread, Wheat Bread, Rosemary Parmesan Bread, Jalapeo Cheddar Bread, Flatbread (4″ only), Ciabatta (4″ only).

How much is Quiznos worth?


Trade name Quiznos
Revenue US$170 million (2017)
Owner High Bluff Capital Partners
Parent REGO Restaurant Group
Website www.quiznos.com

Is Quiznos still around?

The original Quiznos is still toasting hoagies at 1275 Grant St. in central Denver. The company’s corporate office, home to 149 employees, is located at 7595 Technology Way in the Denver Tech Center. That office, and the company’s top executive, Susan Lintonsmith are both staying put, according to High Bluff.

Is Quiznos out of business?

Quiznos saw a steady decline between 2007 and 2017, and in 2014 CNN reported they were filing for bankruptcy. Stores were supposed to remain open during a massive restructuring, and at the time, there were around 2,100 of them.

How many Quiznos restaurants are there?

“We want to be top-of-mind when consumers are searching to satisfy a craving or are seeking just the right experience to enliven their everyday with a moment of flavor,” said Mark Lohmann, President of REGO Restaurant Group, which owns Quiznos.

Where is the nearest Quiznos?

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