What makes the scarlet letter A romantic novel?

Nathaniel Hawthorne’s novel, The Scarlet Letter, exemplifies the ideals of the American Romantic movement, which celebrates the power and beauty of the natural world. Pearl, Hester and Dimmesdale’s daughter, is the Romantic ideal of the individual genius, a person untamed and totally unique.

Is the scarlet letter A romance discuss?

In fact, the novel’s original title was The Scarlet Letter: A Romance. While today we think of romances as love stories, and The Scarlet Letter does contain love scenes between its two protagonists, the term romance as Hawthorne uses it refers to a work of fiction that does not adhere strictly to reality.

Is the scarlet letter A Gothic novel?

The Scarlet Letter is not an outright Gothic novel, but it does contain enough traits to give it a Gothic flavor. Firstly, the main character, Hester, is haunted by the past, specifically her adulterous union with Dimmesdale which results in her pregnancy and social ostracizing.

Why is the scarlet letter A Great American Novel?

Containing a number of religious and historic allusions, the book explores themes of legalism, sin, and guilt. The Scarlet Letter was one of the first mass-produced books in America. It was popular when first published and is considered a classic work today. It inspired numerous film, television, and stage adaptations.

Who is the black man in the scarlet letter?

More than once, Pearl refers to Chillingworth as the Black Man.

What is Chillingworth’s sin?

Chillingworth himself, however, intentionally commits the sin of seeking revenge against his fellow man. In addition, Chillingworth hides his feelings of anger and hatred in order to plot his revenge, thereby committing the further sin of deceit. . . .

Why does Dimmesdale consider Chillingworth to be the worst sinner of the three?

Undoubtedly, Chillingworth is the worst sinner as he acts mercilessly and villainously. His victim has no chance to survive as he does not know the feeling of compassion. Hester and Dimmesdale are also sinners, especially in the eyes of Puritans, whereas they are guided by love.

Why did Dimmesdale conceal his sin for seven years?

In The Scarlet Letter, what are some of the reasons why Dimmesdale conceals his sin from everyone in the community for seven years? Dimmesdale conceals his sin for two main reasons. First, he lacks the strength to confess. We can see this by the fact that he has to lean on Hester, begging her to think for him.