What means ergative?

: of, relating to, or being a language (such as Inuit or Georgian) in which the objects of transitive verbs and subjects of intransitive verbs are typically marked by the same linguistic forms also : being an inflectional morpheme that typically marks the subject of a transitive verb in an ergative language.

Is English an ergative language?

In an ergative language (such as Basque or Georgian, but not English), ergative is the grammatical case that identifies the noun phrase as the subject of a transitive verb.

How do you know if a language is ergative?

When there’s only one noun, is it marked like a subject, or like an object? If it’s marked like a subject, you have a nominative-accusative language. If it’s marked like an object, you have an ergative-absolutive language.

What is ergative linguistics?

Introduction. Ergativity refers to a system of marking grammatical relations in which intransitive subjects pattern together with transitive objects (“absolutive”), and differently from transitive subjects (“ergatives”).

What is ergative sentence?

An ergative verb is a verb that can be both transitive and intransitive, where the subject of the intransitive verb is the same as the object of the transitive verb. For example, ‘ open’ is an ergative verb because you can say ‘The door opened’ or ‘She opened the door’.

What is the meaning of Ambitransitive?

An ambitransitive verb is a verb that is both intransitive and transitive. This verb may or may not require a direct object. English has many ambitransitive verbs. Examples include read, break, and understand (e.g., “I read the book”, saying what was read, or just “I read all afternoon”).

What is Ergative verbs in English grammar?

Is Japanese an ergative language?

Based on the fact that the subjects of intransitive and the objects of transitive verbs are morphologically unmarked, Old Japanese has ergative rather than accusative typology.

Is Hindi an ergative language?

Hindi is a split ergative language with a rich morphological case system. Subjects of transitive perfective predicates are marked with ergative case (-ne). Human specific direct objects, indirect objects, and dative subjects are marked with the particle -ko.

What is ergative pair?

An ergative verb pair occurs in English where there are a pair of related verbs, where one is (generally) an intransitive verb, and another is (generally) transitive verb meaning to cause (1) to happen. Thus the pair of verbs act like a single ergative verb.

What is unpaired Ergative verbs?

An “unpaired ergative verb” is a verb in which the subject is something a native Chinese speaker would expect to be the object. So for English speakers, the verb “valoir” in French would be an “unpaired ergative” verb, because we would say “the jewels are valued at …”, but the French say “les bijoux valent …”.

Why are parts of speech important?

The part of speech to which a word belongs guides its use in a sentence and defines the correct word order and punctuation. Knowing the role that each word has in a sentence structure clearly helps to understand sentences and also to construct them properly.

What is an ergative language?

An ergative language maintains a syntactic or morphological equivalence (such as the same word order or grammatical case) for the object of a transitive verb and the single core argument of an intransitive verb, while treating the agent of a transitive verb differently.

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