What movie was the song We Built This City in?

With We Built This City, for about a minute, Rock of Ages seemed just a little bit smarter than the rest of the film might have you believe.

What city is Starship talking about in We Built This City?

San Francisco
Though the song was originally written about Los Angeles, the Starship rendition references San Francisco instead (the hometown of both Starship and its predecessors, Jefferson Airplane and Jefferson Starship), with a spoken-word interlude in which a radio DJ states, “I’m looking out over that Golden Gate Bridge”.

Is We Built This City the worst song ever?

In 2011 a Rolling Stone poll of worst songs of the 80s had “We Built This City” at No. 1 by a wide margin, even over “Rock Me Amadeus,” “Waiting for a Star to Fall” and my personal No. 1, “Abracadabra.” GQ magazine declared it the worst song of all time, saying it was “the most detested song in human history.”

How old is Grace Slick now?

82 years (October 30, 1939)Grace Slick / Age

Are Jefferson Airplane and Starship the same?

After 1972, Jefferson Airplane effectively split into two groups. Kaukonen and Casady moved on full-time to their own band, Hot Tuna. Slick, Kantner, and the remaining members of Jefferson Airplane recruited new members and regrouped as Jefferson Starship in 1974, with Marty Balin eventually joining them.

Is Starship the same as Jefferson Starship?

Starship is an American rock band from San Francisco, California. Initially a continuation of Jefferson Starship, it underwent a change in musical direction, the subsequent loss of personnel, and a lawsuit settlement that led to a name change.

What country is hail from ACDC?

South Wales, Australia

Origin Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Genres Hard rock blues rock rock and roll heavy metal
Years active 1973–present
Labels Albert EMI Columbia Sony Australia Epic Atlantic Atco Elektra East West

Did Bernie Taupin write We Built This City?

Peter Wolf
Martin PageDennis LambertBernie Taupin
We Built This City/Composers

Did Grace Slick hate We Built This City?

Even many of the people who wrote it and sung it have thrown the song under the bus. Singer Grace Slick referred to “We Built This City” as “the worst song ever” during a 2012 conversation with Vanity Fair. But I love “We Built This City.” And deep down, a lot of other people love “We Built This City” as well.

What disease does Grace Slick have?

She suffers from erythromelalgia – a neurovascular disease that makes her extremities, mostly her feet, burn. As a result, she’s often surrounded by “four air conditioners that are aimed at me to keep my feet cold.” She can’t stand for more than 10 minutes at a time.

Who is the current female singer for Jefferson Starship?

She is the lead singer for the band Jefferson Starship and her own Cathy Richardson Band, and has performed the Janis Joplin parts for Joplin’s former band Big Brother and the Holding Company….

Cathy Richardson
Years active 1990–present
Website www.crband.com