What pianos are made in Germany?

For a few days each year, Frankfurt welcomes the Who’s Who of the piano world, led every other year by the big German brands: Blüthner, August Förster, Grotrian-Steinweg, Schimmel, Seiler, Wilhelm Steinberg, Steingraeber & Söhne, and more.

What pianos are made in the UK?

Cavendish Pianos is a brand of pianos made at Yorkshire Pianos, the only company producing pianos still wholly built in the United Kingdom.

Where are Schubert pianos made?

Many pianos under the Schubert name were made in the former Soviet Union. The largest factory was in Belarus, and the pianos coming out of this factory were simply horrid.

Are German pianos the best?

These are generally considered to be the best in the piano world, owing to their rich tone and good action; they are also stunning to look at. Quality of tone, responsive touch and good looks are important characteristics we consider when looking to stock a piano.

Who makes pianos in the UK?

The top quality common modern British piano makers are Knight and Welmar. The most common good makes of pre 1940 British pianos are Chappell, Challen, Rogers and Broadwood. Pre -1890 British pianos may not have a full iron frame.

Is Schubert a good piano?

Schubert pianos were considered well made and extravagant.

Who made Schubert piano?

The Schubert Piano Company was purchased by The Lester Piano Company in 1932. Lester continued to build pianos under the Schubert brand name until 1937. Can you find your instrument listed in these antique catalogs? Early 20th Century Advertisement for the Schubert Piano Company, New York.

What are the most common German grand pianos?

Before Bechstein overtook them in about 1902, Bluthner were the most common German grand pianos in the UK and Europe. Steinways are often the preferred piano on the concert stage for most top venues.

Where can I buy a piano in London?

Jaques Samuel specialise in Kawai, Petrof, Shigeru Kawai, Grotrian-Steinweg, Fazioli and Bechstein pianos. They have a formidable team and excellent staff who are always ready to assist you with your enquiry. Peregrine’s Pianos is the exclusive dealer in London for two of the finest German piano manufacturers – August Förster and Schimmel.

Who sells Schimmel pianos in London?

“One person with an in-depth understanding of the issue of sound transmittal and pianos is Dawn Elizabeth Howells, owner of Peregrine’s Pianos in London. Peregrine’s sells Schimmel, August Förster, Samick and other piano makes, but its valued-added service is its acoustical expertise”

Are grand pianos overstung in the UK?

NB grand pianos in the UK are about 98% overstung. They are also about 99% overdampers – being over the strings means that gravity helps them to dampen, and the dampers are also located immediately above where the hammer strikes.