What replaced Klout?

Klout Is Shutting Down, but Here Are 5 Social Media Tools You Can Use to Replace It

  • Social Mention. Probably the best tool today that closely resembles the level of data Klout had would be Social Mention.
  • Empire. Kred.
  • Twitter Counter.
  • Hootsuite Insights.
  • BuzzSumo.

Why did Klout shut down?

Parent company Lithium Technologies, which specialises in marketing tools, has decided to ‘sunset’ the service just four years after its acquisition because it feels “Klout as a standalone service is not aligned” with Lithium’s long-term strategy – Peter Hess (CEO at Lithium) wrote in an email to customers last week.

When did Klout shut down?

Social reputation tool Klout is shutting down on May 25th – The Verge.

What is Klout used for?

Klout is an online personal influence measurement tool. Using proprietary algorithms, Klout calculates the value of your participation in social networks, like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Foursquare, and awards you a numerical score based on your activity.

Who bought Klout?

Lithium Technologies
FORTUNE — Social score startup Klout has been acquired by Lithium Technologies, a provider of social customer experience solutions for the enterprise, in a deal valued at nearly $200 million, Fortune has learned.

Does Klout exist?

Klout launched in 2008. Lithium Technologies, who acquired the site in March 2014, closed the service on May 25, 2018.

Who acquired Klout?

What is the meaning of Klout?

New Word Suggestion. A website and mobile app that uses social media analytics to rank its users according to online social influence via ‘Klout Score’ which is a numerical value between 1 and 100.

What is my Klout?

What is Klout? Klout is a mobile and website app that measures users’ online influence (the ability to drive action). In other words, Klout measures your ability to influence other people to do stuff – pretty impressive!