What scale do OS maps come in?

The main scales used by Ordnance Survey (OS) for surveying are 1:1250, 1:2500 and 1:10 000. These are referred to as large scale maps, which is when features in the real world are portrayed larger on the map. OS also produce a number of mapping products at other scales, such as 1:25 000 scale and 1:50 000 scale.

When did OS maps go metric?

In 1974 the Ordnance Survey Director General position became a civilian post. The one-inch map was replaced by a metric 1:50 000 Landranger map.

How accurate are old OS maps?

The OS tend to use 1:2500 scale in rural areas and this has an accuracy of +/- 2.3 metres on the ground. So if you scale a dimension between two features on the OS map as 10m then when you actually measure it on the ground the distance could be anyway between 7.7m to 12.3m .

What is the best map scale?

If you feel that a 1:50,000 or 1:40,000 scale map has enough detail for the activity you are doing then it will be fine. If however you want to know the exact location of field edges or the a wiggle in a contour line then a 1:25,000 scale map will be more appropriate.

What scale map is best for hiking?

How to choose the right scale for a hiking map

  • 1:250,000 scale: 1 inch ~ 4 miles (less detailed; adequate for driving to the trailhead)
  • 1:100,000 scale: 1 inch ~ 1.6 miles (detailed; sufficient for planning a hike)
  • 1:24,000 scale: 1 inch ~ 2,000 feet (more detailed; adequate for hiking the trail)

How often are OS maps updated?

OS MasterMap Sites Layer is updated every six months.

Are OS Maps correct?

Ordnance Survey has over many years tested both the absolute and the relative accuracy of a large sample of their published National Grid Series of maps. As a result, in about 1997 they published an accuracy statement for their large scale maps.

When was the first Ordnance Survey map made?

Many include additions made by hand. Although the first Ordnance Survey map was published in 1801, it was many years before it produced detailed maps of the whole country. For many places, the oldest large-scale Ordnance Survey map dates from the 1860s, 1870s or 1880s.

What is the Order of the pre-1930s?

Pre-1930 to 1960 1961 TQ12SW – A Pre-1930 to 1961 1962 TQ13NE – A Pre-1930 to 1961 1962 TQ13NW – A Pre-1930 to 1961 1961 TQ13SEQ – A Pre-1930 to 1961 1961 TQ13SE – A/* Pre-1930 to 1966

When did the tq9484 scale survey come out?

TQ9484 – A 1957 1959 Sheet List – 1:2,500 scale double sheets Sheet Name Date of Survey Date of Publication TQ0049-TQ0149 – A 1962 to 1963 1964 TQ0096-TQ0196 – A 1960 to 1961 1964 TQ0270-TQ0370 – A 1962 1964 TQ0271-TQ0371 – A

What is the size of the 1963 1964 Sheet list?

1963 1964 Sheet List – 1:10,560 scale, 5 x 5 km sheets Sheet Name Date of Survey / Revision Date of Publication TQ00NE – A Pre-1930 to 1961 1962 TQ00NW – A Pre-1930 to 1961 1961 TQ00SE – A 1873 to 1961 1962 TQ00SW – A 1873 to 1961 1962 TQ01NE – A Pre-1930 to 1961 1962 TQ01NW – A Pre-1930 to 1961 1961 TQ01SE – A Pre-1930 to 1961 1961