What secret does Nora tell Mrs Linde first?

Nora tells Mrs. Linde that Krogstad is a lawyer, and Mrs. Linde reveals that she knew him when he was living in her part of the country. Nora says that Krogstad is a widower who had an unhappy marriage and many children.

What does Tarantella mean?

Also known as “the dance of the spider,” the Tarantella is derived from the Italian word tarantola, meaning “tarantula.” The tarantola gets its name from the town of Taranto in Puglia, where the bite of the local wolf spider (the tarantula) was widely believed to be highly poisonous and led to a condition known as “ …

What does Torvald believe to be Nora’s most sacred duty?

as Torvald believes that Nora’s “most sacred duty” (Ibsen 82) is that to her husband and children, whereas Nora believes an “equally sacred duty” (Ibsen 82) is her duty “to herself” (Ibsen 82).

What does the Tarantella symbolize in a doll’s house?

Like the macaroons, the tarantella symbolizes a side of Nora that she cannot normally show. It is a fiery, passionate dance that allows Nora to drop the façade of the perfect mild-mannered Victorian wife.

What is the wonderful thing Nora refers to?

What “wonderful thing” has Nora has been waiting for in A Doll’s House? When Nora says the “wonderful thing” would have been for Torvald to “publish the thing to the whole world,” she means Krogstad’s letter and Torvald taking the blame for it.

What was Nora really doing last Christmas?

What secret does Nora tell Mrs. What was Nora really doing when she was “making ornaments” last Christmas? She was working to pay back the debt. Who comes to Nora’s house that upsets Mrs.

Why does Nora insult Helmer?

Why does Helmer feel insulted by Nora? She thought Nora needed to tell her husband anyway.

How did Nora father treat her?

Nora’s father is blamed for instilling the values in her personality that lead her to seek independence and abandon her family. Helmer exclaims that “all [Nora’s] father’s flimsy values have come out in [her]” and that she has “no religion, no morals, no sense of duty” (Ibsen 1013).

Why does Nora leave her husband?

Nora does leave her husband at the end of Act III after she is forced to face his true nature and realizes how selfish he is. She also realizes that, as Torvald’s wife, she has lived more of a child’s life than an adult’s.

Does Dr Rank die in a doll’s house?

In the end, Dr. Rank dies of his illness at the same time that Nora’s marriage to Torvald dissolves. As Nora and Torvald separate, they receive the doctor’s card with black crosses in the mail, signifying his imminent death.

Why does Nora dance the tarantella so wildly?

The Tarantella Dance could symbolize Nora’s last attempt at being her husbands doll. She dances in a very violent and sexual manner, in a way that could suggest trying for their relationship. She dances to maintain her appearance with him before her life and their relationship is shattered by the letter.

What does Nora mean when she says she lost her love for her husband when the wonderful thing did not happen?

She says that her opinion and thoughts matter. what does Nora mean when she says she lost her love for her husband “when the wonderful thing did not happen?” He was holding her back and made her think that her opinion didn’t matter. She needs to find herself without all of her “past life” distractions.

How does Dr Rank’s announcement of his impending death affect Nora and helmet?

How does Dr. Rank’s announcement of his impending death affect Nora and Helmer? This announcement takes a great toll on them and deeply saddens them becausethat is their closest friend and confidant.