What song is the caged bird singing?


Why is the caged bird’s singing heard on a distant hill?

The poem conveys a message of hope and of the power of self-expression – the caged bird’s tune of freedom is heard “on the distant hill,” so his tune is powerful enough to be heard in the distance. His singing leads others to hear and acknowledge his sorrow and longing for freedom. so he opens his throat to sing.

Why is his singing heard on a distant hill?

According to the author the caged bird’s cry of freedom is heard on the distant hill. While the caged bird may never have known freedom, the speaker suggests that he still sings about it as he was made for freedom. The sentence is analogous to the time of Maya Angelou’s African American struggle.

What is meant by fearful trill?

The word fearful trill represents the desperation of the bird. Trill means fast movements of the wings since the bird is scared and longs for freedom he is making fast movements with his wings in fear of the coming troubles.

What does the poet mean by the caged bird sings of freedom?

In formatting the poem as a song, the poet implicitly suggests that she is a caged bird and this poem is her song. Thus, the poem’s meaning relates to (1) an awareness of what it means to be free in terms of internal life and emotional liberty and (2) a sense that the constrictions of captivity are also emotional.