What transmission fluid is compatible with DEXRON II?

Dexron VI replaced Dexron II and III, and can be used in General Motors domestically built or import transmissions that specified Dexron II or Dexron III. Dexron VI is a low viscosity transmission fluid and should also be used with the full synthetic low viscosity transmission fluid.

Is DEXRON II still available?

Dexron, Dexron II, IID, and Dexron IIE—these are the original GM Dexron ATFs and are no longer licensed by the company, having been superseded by Dexron III, which has now itself been superseded by Dexron VI. The difference between Dexron, II, and IIE was mostly in the oxidation inhibitors.

What is DEXRON 2 used for?

ATF Dexron II-D can be used for automatic gearboxes, power steering systems, torque converters and other applications for which General Motors and other constructors recommend a type ATF Dexron II-D oil.

What is the difference between ATF DEXRON 2 and 3?

The improvements in Dexron-III(F) include better friction stability, more high-temperature oxidation stability, and better material compatibility. Dexron-III(F) has the same low-temperature fluidity as Dexron-II(E), for better transmission performance in cold weather.

Can I use Dex Merc instead of Dexron II?

Can I use Dex Merc instead of Dexron II? A “universal” fluid that is commonly available is labeled “Dex/Merc” and are usually compatible with Mercon (not Mercon V), Dexron II, and Dexron III, and possibly others.

What viscosity is Dexron 2?

Kinematic @ 100°C = 8.3 cSt. Viscosity Index 163.

Can you mix Dexron 2 and 3?

Yes, you can mix them together, as long as you peel one of the “I”s off of the Dextron III bottle before pouring it in…on second thought…you probably don’t even need to do that. They can be safely mixed.

Can you mix dexron 2 and 3?

Is dexron VI compatible with dexron II?

DEXRON-VI is also compatible with any former version of DEXRON for use in automatic transmissions. TIP: Simply topping off the fluid is adequate, but a full drain and replacement is preferred, to obtain the full benefit.

Can I use dexron III for dexron II?

Out in the streets, they call it murder! Dexron III supersedes Dexron II. Meaning, it replaced it. Anywhere Dex II is called for, Dex III can be used.

What is Dexron 2 power steering?

Product Description. ATF Dexron II is a high performance multi-application fluid meeting General Motors 6137-M Dexron II and Allison C3 specifications, and is also suitable for Ford transmissions with a red filler cap.

Can DEXRON 3 be used in place of DEXRON 2?

Dexron III supercedes DII and can be used in lieu of DII.

What is ATF Dexron II D?

ATF Dexron II D. Quick Overview. For automatic transmissions, manual transmissions, steering systems, hydraulic systems and auxiliary drives in both passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Usage according to the prescribed specifications from the unit or vehicle and transmission manufacturers.

What is ATF Dex III transmission fluid used for?

infinoil1l ATF Dex III is manufactured to the last generation Dexron® IIIH automatic transmission fluid performance. It is recommended for many transmissions used in General Motors cars, Holden, Isuzu, Opel and Hydramatic® transmissions used in a range of vehicles.

Can you use Dexron 3 in a Honda transmission?

There’s also Dexron 6. Dexron III is the latest but, if you use that in a Honda automatic, you need to add a bottle of LubeGard black bottle… Honda auto’s need a really high slip agent in their ATF or the automatic transmission will shift harsh.

What is the latest version of Dexron?

But aftermarket Dexron 3 is readily available There’s also Dexron 6. Dexron III is the latest but, if you use that in a Honda automatic, you need to add a bottle of LubeGard black bottle…