What were the Chinook homes like?

The Chinooks lived in coastal villages of rectangular cedar-plank houses. Usually these houses were large (up to 70 feet long) and each one housed an entire extended family.

What were the Chinook tribe houses made out of?

The Chinook tribe lived in plankhouses, also called simply ‘Big Houses’. The plankhouse was constructed from the red cedar trees that were so abundant in their area. The were skilled in splitting slabs from the straight-grained red cedar trees. The houses were built in various sizes.

How did Chinook build their houses?

The Chinook built large cedar plank houses. Each family occupied a distinct portion of the house. Rush mats hanging from the rafters formed the walls to separate the living spaces.

Did the Chinook live in plank houses?

The Chinookan peoples of the Lower Columbia River built a variety of shelters, depending on season and purpose. The best known are plankhouses, post-and-beam structures built using Western red cedar posts and planks for walls, roofs, and sometimes floors.

Where did Chinook build wooden homes?

Chinook people lived in villages on the high land above the rivers. Their houses were wooden longhouses built of cedar planks. Richer people had bigger houses, and poorer people had smaller ones. But if you were really poor you had to live in somebody else’s house.

What is a unique fact about the Plank House?

The Plank House construction was used by other tribes such as the Mojave who inhabited California. These plank houses were built in similar styles to the Northwest coast tribes but included additions such as a Ramada, a simple shelter that was open on at least three sides offering shade during the summer.

How did they build plank houses?

The strong log framework of the Plank House usually consisted of 8 main posts that were peg-joined to 4-6 roof beams. A framework of smaller poles were tied to the wall posts & rafter beams. The wall planks were secured to the upright posts and beams with cedar ropes, or simply slotted or wedged between the poles.

How long did it take to build a plank house?

The houses were costly in time and material. The Meier house (55 by 90 feet) required 51 to 63 trees (53 to 81 tons of wood) and 1,400 to 3,000 person-days to build it.

What materials were used to build plank houses?

Definition: The Plank House is a dwelling made from the red cedar trees consisting timber of hand-split planks a log framework over with an interior pit. Plank Houses were used by various tribes along the Pacific Northwest Coast from northern California all the way up to Alaska.

What do Chinook houses look like?

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What type of House did Chinook live in?

What time period did the chinook indians live?

  • How many years did the chinook indians live?
  • What did the chinook indians eat?
  • What are types of houses did Chinook Indians have?

    They lived in the Pacific Northwest coastal region in the states of Washington and parts of Oregon

  • The location of their villages were along the north side of the Columbia River from Grays Bay to Cape Disappointment and further north to Willapa Bay
  • Land: Tall dense forests,oceans,mountains and rivers.
  • What did the Chinook use for homes?

    The Chinook used cedar for everything from houses to clothes to diapers. One reason for its importance was its great versatility. The bark – which was peeled from the tree without killing it – could be used in its original state, shredded into soft fibers, or made into strips.