What WHSmith sells?

We are a leading global travel retailer in news, books and convenience for the world’s travelling customer, and a popular UK high street stationer, bookseller and newsagent. WH Smith PLC is a leading global travel retailer for news, books and convenience, with a smaller business located on UK high streets.

What does the WH stand for in WHSmith?

Henry Walton Smith
Established in 1792, WHSmith’s first store was opened by Henry Walton Smith and his wife Anna in Little Grosvenor Street, London. A few decades later, WHSmith opened the first ever travel retail store in London’s Euston station in 1848.

What did WHSmith sell in 1792?

news vendor
The company was formed by Henry Walton Smith and his wife Anna in 1792 as a news vendor in London. It remained under the ownership of the Smith family for many years and saw large-scale expansion during the 1970s as the company began to diversify into other markets.

Who founded WHSmith?

Henry Walton SmithWHSmith / FounderHenry Walton Smith was the founder of W. H. Smith, one of the United Kingdom’s largest bookselling and newspaper vending businesses. Wikipedia

Does WHSmith do student discount?

Student Discounts With Student Beans Simply sign up for a Student Beans account today to gain access to your WHSmith student discount online.

How many stores do WHSmith have in the UK?

In 2021, WHSmith had 1,166 stores in travel locations (e.g., railway stations and airports) and an additional 544 high street stores. In that same year, the company’s sales revenue in high street stores in the United Kingdom reached 485 million British pounds.

Where is WHSmith’s Headoffist?

Swindon, United KingdomWHSmith / Headquarters

Is WHSmith only in the UK?

Every day, our 14,000+ employees – in the UK and across the globe make WHSmith the business it is. They deserve the best from us.

Is WHSmith a franchise?

Our digital retail business operated by our High Street business, selling a range of stationery, books, magazines and gifts. A branded franchise for existing and new, independent confectioners, tobacconists, newsagents and Post Office business owners.

Is WHSmith only in UK?

WHSmith, a familiar name right across the UK. You’ll also find us in a huge range of travel locations, from airports to stations, hospitals to motorway service stations to name only a few. And it’s not just Brits that love our excellent range of products and service.

Does WHSmith have a uniform?

5 answers. WH Smith shirt (long/shirt sleeved) and a fleece that you are provided with. Items you have to have to buy are black trousers and smart black shoes.