Whats a juros?

British English: interest /ˈɪntrɛst/ NOUN. money Interest is extra money that you receive if you have invested a sum of money.

How do you say God in Dagbani?

wunzooya – God is great.

How do dagombas call God?

The lunga invocation here, “Naawuni Mali Kpam Pam,” means “God is very powerful.” An expert drummer like Alhaji would continue by playing praise names of his family line and then might also include praise names of relevant chiefs and/or the patrons.

How do Dagombas call twins?

The naming is done either in the indigenous traditional way, known as zugupinbu (meaning shaving of head) where a talisman or soothsayer is consulted to give a name to the new born baby or in the Islamic way, known as Suuna (Hausa word meaning name).

What is Mole-Dagbani?

The Mole-Dagbani states refers to a group of political states that emerged in the northern savannah lands of the region of modern Ghana and parts of the modern republic of Burkina Faso. Even though these groups today constitute three apparently distinct ethnic groups, their people still identify with each other.

Are Guans akans?

2Both the Guan language cluster and Akan belong to the Volta-Comoe language family but they became separated to become two different languages in the distant past. The two languages are, therefore, not currently mutually intelligible. However, the Hill Guans understand Akan.

How are akans twins named?

According to the Akan, the elder of twins of different sexes is called Ata for the male and Ataa for the female. In the case of male twins, the elder is called Ata Panyin and the younger is Ata Kakra or Obiwom. For female twins, the elder is Ataa Panyin and the younger is Ataa Kakra or Obiwom.

How do Dagomba call God?

What comprises mamprusi Dagomba and Nanumba?

The Mole-Dagbani ethnic group comprises the Moshi (Mossi), Mamprusi, Nanumba and Dagomba.

Are fantes akans?

The Mfantsefo or Fante (“Fanti” is an older spelling) are an Akan people. The Fante people are mainly located in the Central and Western coastal regions of Ghana.

Are Nzemas akans?

The Nzema are an Akan people numbering about 328,700, of whom 262,000 live in southwestern Ghana and 66,700 live in the southeast of Côte d’Ivoire.

What does the name Nana mean in Ghana?

[in] “the Twi language of the Akan people of Ghana and Ivory Coast, Nana is a gender-neutral title representing the highest office in society. It is also a term used to denote Grandmother, Grandfather, Elderess, Elder, venerable Ancestress and venerable Ancestor.”