When should you use bold and italic together?

Bold or italicthink of them as mutually exclusive. That is the rule #1.Rule #2: use bold and italic as little as possible. They are tools for emphasis. With a serif font, use italic for gentle emphasis, or bold for heavier emphasis.If you’re using a sans serif font, skip italic and use bold for emphasis.

How do you type in italics on iPhone?

Italics is just as easy:Select the text you want to be bold.Tap the arrow on the menu bar.Tap on the BIU button.Tap on the Italic button.

How do you change the font size in Instagram caption?

How do I adjust the text size of Instagram?Go to your device’s settings.Tap General , then tap Accessibility.Tap Larger Text.Tap to turn on Larger Accessibility Sizes.Drag the slider to adjust the text size.

How do you change your text on Instagram?

How to change the font on your Instagram bioType in the text you want to use in the left textbox, or paste in your current Instagram bio. Click “Edit Profile.” Select the font for the “Bio” section and paste in your copied text. Click “Submit” at the bottom of the screen to update your bio with your new font.

How do you make your Instagram text bigger in a story?

You can adjust the size of the font by using the toggle bar on the left side of the screen when you type. To change the justification, tap on the alignment option in the top-left corner to change to left-, center-, or right-aligned text.