Where are the British consulates in France?

Paris — British Consulate-General

Address 16, rue d’Anjou 75008 Paris
Phone local: (01) 4451.3100 international: +33.1.4451.3100

How do I renew my British passport in France?

If you are a British citizen resident in France, and need to apply for a new or replacement passport, the application process can be done online here. You will be asked to fill in your personal details, submit photos (more about that below), and pay the fee online.

Can I renew my UK passport in Paris?

Passport application and renewal Passports applications for British nationals resident in France are managed by Her Majesty’s Passport Office. A passport may be renewed up to nine months before it expires. There is a fee due for the application process and for the return of the passport by courier.

Who is the British ambassador to France?

Menna Rawlings
The British Ambassador to France is the United Kingdom’s foremost diplomatic representative in France, and is the head of Britain’s diplomatic mission in Paris….List of ambassadors of the United Kingdom to France.

UK Ambassador to France L’Ambassadeur britannique en France
Incumbent Menna Rawlings since 9 August 2021
Style Her Excellency

What can the British Consulate help with?

How can the British Embassy help?

  • Issuing a replacement passport or other travel documents if yours are lost or stolen.
  • Helping you to stay safe in the event of terrorism or a natural disaster.
  • Assistance if you are the victim of a crime.
  • Helping friends or family transfer money to you in an emergency.

How do I renew my passport in France?

In order to renew your passport, you will need to fill out an application to do so with the relevant authority in your home country. The application process varies from country to country, but in general, you will need to complete an application form, provide passport photos and pay a fee.

What do I need to renew my French passport?

To renew your passport you will need to present the old passport as well as some proof of status such as a green card, employment authorization form or a valid U.S. visa. You must include two recent passport photos. They can be in color or in black-and-white.

What is the difference between British Embassy and consulate?

A consulate is where consular services are performed. Embassies will normally have a consular section. While there will only one British embassy in the country you visit, there may be a number of consulates. These would usually be in cities with the most tourists.

How do I contact the British Consulate Paris?

Postal address: British Embassy – BP111-08 – 75383 Paris Cedex 08 – France Monday to Friday, 9.30am to 12.30pm. Outside normal working hours a consular Emergency Service is in operation and can be contacted on +33 (0)1 44 51 31 00.

How many British embassies are there in France?

The British embassy is one of 705 foreign representations in France and one of 174 foreign representations in Paris. See more at the France EmbassyPages. The British embassy in Paris is one of 412 British diplomatic and consular representations abroad. See more at the United Kingdom EmbassyPages.

What does the British Embassy in Paris do?

The British Embassy in Paris maintains and develop relations between the UK and France. The UK’s network in France and Monaco supports the government’s main aims overseas: keeping Britain safe, making Britain prosperous and helping British nationals. Our staff are working remotely.

How long does it take to get a British visa in France?

British Embassy in Paris, France. Note that the time taken to issue a British visa will depend on which country you are from. some may take a week while others may take 2-3 days once you send in your passport. Check with the embassy for their processing times with regards to a British visa for your country.