Where can I get child care services in Lubbock TX?

Care for children whose parents reside in the city of Lubbock. For more information about Workforce Solutions Child Care Services, call (806) 744-3572 or visit our offices at 2002 West Loop 289, Suite 117A, Lubbock, TX 79407.

What is SPCAA doing about social anxiety?

During this time of social anxiety, SPCAA affirms that the health of our communities lies in strengthening our connections as neighbors, family members, and co-workers.

What is SPCAA’s promise of Community Action?

These words, which make up the Promise of Community Action, have guided SPCAA since our start in 1965. As an agency, we have always been committed to improving the lives of our community members through various programs, all of which are designed to promote self-sufficiency and economic health.

Why Workforce Solutions child care services?

The goals of Workforce Solutions Child Care Services are: To offer families an expanded choice of quality child care arrangements To offer families a source for child care information and financial assistance To support the physical, social, emotional and intellectual development of children

Who pays for child care in North Carolina?

If a family meets the eligibility criteria, the state of North Carolina pays a portion of the cost of child care. Parents are free to choose a child care arrangement that best fits their needs as long as the provider chosen participates in the Subsidized Child Care Program.

Who is eligible for child care assistance?

Those eligible for child care assistance include those under the age of thirteen and: Through Workforce Solutions’ parental choice option, parents have the right to choose the type of child care that best suits their needs and to be informed of all child care options available, including: