Where is Kirkenes located?

The main church for Kirkenes is Kirkenes Church, located in the Haganes area of the town. Kirkenes is located just a few kilometres from the Norway-Russia border . The 2.14-square-kilometre (530-acre) town has a population (2018) of 3,529, which gives the town a population density of 1,649 inhabitants per square kilometre (4,270/sq mi).

What happened to Kirkenes in the Second World War?

Reportedly, Kirkenes is second after Malta on a list of European towns experiencing air-raid alarms and attacks, with more than 1,000 alarms and 320 air attacks. The town was taken over by the Red Army on 25 October 1944 when the German Wehrmacht was pushed out and fled the area after having destroyed most of the remaining infrastructure.

What is the Hurtigruten in Kirkenes?

Kirkenes is one end of the route of the Hurtigruten, which cruises daily up and down the Norway coast to and from Bergen. Kirkenes is served by Kirkenes Airport, Høybuktmoen. There are non-stop flights to Oslo, Vadsø, Vardø, Alta and Tromsø.

What to do in Kirkenes?

In the city centre of Kirkenes is Andersgrotta, a vast underground bunker built during World War II that provided shelter to the town’s residents. Tours of the bunker are available.

Western Europe’s border with Russia is the beginning of the Siberian Taiga, with a dramatic war history and tasty crab monsters Kirkenes is the border town with Russia, found between the Arctic Ocean and the great forests. Come her for King Crabs, wilderness and dramatic WWII history.

What happened to the civilians in Kirkenes?

As the air raids got more frequent and the frontline got closer, the civilians in Kirkenes moved into the mines. Here they lived for 2-3 months in relative safety, and children were born. On the 24 th of October, the Red Army marched into Kirkenes and was received as liberators by the population.

When is the Midnight Sun in Kirkenes?

Well north of the Arctic Circle, Kirkenes enjoys the Midnight Sun for more than 2 months. In fact, the municipality of Sør-Varanger is so geographically extended from north to south that the exact period of the Midnight Sun is not the same all over. In Kirkenes, one sees the Midnight Sun from the 17 th of May to the 24 th of July.

Where to go crab fishing in Kirkenes?

The centre of crab fishing remains Bugøynes, but tourists are taken out of Kirkenes to try their luck at fishing, both in the sea in summer and on the frozen fjord in winter. Inside a snow hotel, the rooms have a temperature of -4, even if it is -30 outside. Wrapped in a comfy sleeping bag, you may have the best sleep in your life.