Which campsite is best for Devils Lake?

Quartzite Campground The Quartzite Loop is the most convenient Devils Lake camping area, within easy walking distance of the Nature Center, Chateau, and North Shore hiking trails. It’s also easier to get in and out of the Quartzite Loop, as the campground connects directly to County Road DL, north of the Park.

Can u camp at Devils Lake?

Devil’s Lake State Park has three regular campgrounds with a total of 423 sites that each accommodate a family of one to six individuals. There are also nine group campsites that can accommodate a total of 240 campers. All campsites are reservable.

How much is a campsite at Devil’s Lake State Park?

Group Camping Rates

Number of people Nightly rate
1-20 $40
21-30 $60
31-40 $80
41-50 $100

Can you rent yurts at Devils Lake State Park?

Those seeking a yurt can choose from 10, with 5 of them pet-friendly. The campground also has a hiker/biker camp….Devil’s Lake State Recreation Area Campground.

Devil’s Lake State Recreation Area Campground Reservations
Wheelchair accessible sites: Campsite #B20, B25, and Yurts B24 and C26 Restrooms and showers are accessible

Why is it called Devils Lake?

Name. Devil’s Lake was so named because it is situated in a deep chasm with no visible inlet or outlet.

How much does it cost to camp at Kiser Lake?

Camping for youth and adult organizations are available by reservation. Fee is $30-$55/night. Group camping sites 1 and 2 can accommodate up to 25 campers. Group camping site 3 can accommodate up to 100 campers….Group Camps.

Total Sites 73
RV Sites 73

What is the depth of Devils Lake Wisconsin?

46′Devils Lake / Max depth
Devils Lake is a 374 acre lake located in Sauk County. It has a maximum depth of 47 feet. Visitors have access to the lake from public boat landings, public beaches.

Can you boat on Devils Lake?

Devil’s Lake State Park is a popular place for rowing, canoeing, kayaking, and stand-up boards. The lake is clear and the water is of good quality. There is a boat launch on both the north and south ends of the lake. Gas motors are NOT allowed on Devil’s Lake.

Are there rattlesnakes at Devils Lake?

Yes there are Rattlesnakes at Devil’s Lake. Specifically the Timber Rattlesnake. It is not often you will see one however. Timber rattlesnakes tend to shy away from areas where people are about.

Are there bears in Devils Lake state park?

Since 2009 American Black Bears have been regularly seen in the city of Baraboo and occasionally at Devil’s Lake State Park.

Is Kiser Lake safe to swim in?

PARIS – Beachgoers planning to spend the Fourth of July holiday enjoying a swim at Kiser Lake State Park may want to rethink their plans after test results of the water showed unsafe levels of microcystin, a toxin produced by cyanobacteria or harmful algal blooms.

Is it safe to swim at Kiser Lake?

Swimming is permitted during daylight hours only and only in designated areas.