Which country has the highest HDI in 2014?

1) Norway Ranks 1 in Human development Index (HDI). HDI is considered a better measure of a country’s progress than income growth.

How many countries are included in the 2014 HDI?

This was introduced in the first Human Development Report of 1990 as a measure of development put into doubt purely economic assessments of national progress. HDI Report 2014 covers 187 countries and territories.

Which country was first in Human Development Index in 2014?

Norway tops the HDI ranking, followed by Australia, Switzerland and Denmark. The latest ranking is based on data from 188 countries. The Human Development Index is based on assessing progress on three dimensions of human development.

What are the two countries that had the highest HDI in 2013 2014?

Norway, Australia and the United States lead the rankings of 187 countries and territories in the latest Human Development Index (HDI), while conflict-torn Democratic Republic of the Congo and drought-stricken Niger have the lowest scores in the HDI’s measurement of national achievement in health, education and income.

What was India’s Human Development Index in 2014?

“India’s HDI value for 2014 is 0.609, which puts the country in the medium human development category, positioning it at 130 out of 188 countries and territories.

What was India’s ranking in the world according to the Human Development Index in 2014?

India ranked 135 in Human Development Report 2014.

What is the 2014 HDI for Norway?

0.944 1º
Norway – Human Development Index – HDI

Date HDI HDI Ranking
2014 0.944
2015 0.947
2016 0.950
2017 0.954

Which country has the highest Human Development Index?

Countries with the highest Human Development Index value 2019. Norway had the highest level of the Human Development Index (HDI) worldwide in 2019 with a value of 0.957.

What is Human Development Index 2013 Class 10?

Human Development Index Definition The Human Development Index (HDI) is a single index measure that aims to record the three key dimensions of human development: access to knowledge, a decent standard of living, and long and healthy life.

Which country is better than India in 2013 HDI report?

The report released on Thursday placed India at the near-bottom of countries which have reached ‘medium development’. With its index standing at 0.554 for the last year, India has miles to go to meet countries like Norway (ranked number 1) which boasts of an HDI of 0.955.

What is the India’s rank in HDI in the world?

Human Development Report 2020: Out of 189 countries, India has ranked 131 on the Human Development Index 2020 prepared by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). With an HDI value of 0.645, the country fell in the medium human development category.

Which of the following countries rank above India in HDI?

Answer: The Correct answer is option (b) – Sri Lanka As per data for 2013, HDI rank of India was 135, HDI rank of Myanmar was 150, HDI rank of Bangladesh was 142, HDI rank of Nepal was 145, HDI rank of Pakistan was 146.

How do you calculate Human Development Index?

– Life Expectancy Index = – Education Index = Adult Literacy Index (ALI) = Gross Enrollment Index (GEI) = – GDP =

How to calculate a Human Development Index?

Human development index can be constructed by first constructing the individual indices of the above three components and then taking the simple average of the indices. To construct the relevant indices, the UNDP first fixes the maximum and minimum values of each indicator for a particular year and then with the help of the following formula

What country has the lowest HDI?

Niger: 0.394. We come,unfortunately,to the king of this list.

  • Central African Republic: 0.397. The Central African Republic is the poorest country in the world,with a GDP per capita of$724.
  • Chad: 0.398.
  • South Sudan: 0.433.
  • Burundi: 0.433.
  • Mali: 0.434.
  • Sierra Leone: 0.434.
  • Burkina Faso: 0.452.
  • Mozambique: 0.456.
  • Eritrea: 0.459.
  • What is the highest Human Development Index?

    Norway – .957

  • Ireland – .955 (tie)
  • Switzerland – .955 (tie)
  • Hong Kong (China) – .949 (tie)
  • Iceland – .949 (tie)
  • Germany – .947
  • Sweden – .945
  • Australia – .944 (tie)
  • Netherlands .944 (tie)
  • Denmark – .940