Which education consultancy is best for India?

Top 10 Study Abroad Consultants In India

  • Aussizz Group.
  • Study Abroad Lounge.
  • Iae Global.
  • Canam Education Consultants.
  • Spirit of International Education and Careers.
  • Imperial.
  • Global Opportunities.
  • GeeBee.

Is IDP Counselling free?

Does idp cost money to see a counsellor at IDP? Our services are free for students. You do not have to pay anything to book an appointment with IDP.

Is Edwise international free?

EDWISE CONSULTANCY FEES OF course the major attraction is that all their services are FREE. They said the only charges that needed to be paid were the official fees for the tests English Proficiency Test like TOEFL and IELTS and other things like Study Permits and visas .

How do educational consultants make money?

For every student, a consultant sends to a university, s/he earns between Rs 50k and 1.5 lakh as commission from the university. And whichever country or college does not pay the commission, the student pays for the counselling!

How much does Karan Gupta charge?

20 lacs and the interest rates are around 11-13% with a repayment period of around 8 years after you complete the course.

How can I start an overseas education consultant in India?

Answer: If you want to start your own overseas education consultancy, you should start with mastering the necessary skills, creating the business plan, looking for enough funding, getting the legal permits done, and connecting with different universities/ institutions.

Does IDP write sop?

Our experienced IDP counsellors can guide you in writing a great SOP to help secure your admission in the institution of your choice. Visit us for a free counselling session or walk into your nearest IDP office to discuss it in detail.

What is the fees of IDP?

IELTS test fee

Test type Test fee
Computer-delivered IELTS INR 15,500
Paper-based IELTS INR 15,500
IELTS for UKVI INR 15,750
Life Skills INR 14,600

Is Edwise international good Quora?

EDWISE is the worst , dont ever go there. No one will respond regarding your application status , visa, SOP preparation etc. Even their college selection is not genuine. They will only fool you suggesting bad universities and will try to destroy your career.

Is Geebee education good?

GEEBEE is a completely FRAUD and SCAM company with no expertise whatsoever. I lost nearly 50, 000 rupees to these con people. Even worse, I got rejected to all the 5 canadian universities these con-sters had applied on my behalf. They screwed up my entire applications.

How do I start a career in educational consulting?

A minimum of a bachelor’s degree, but in many cases, a master’s or PhD. Education and/or experience in a specific subject or area of study. Experience working in the educational setting in which you want to consult. Knowledge of state and federal education regulations and policy.