Which football commentator said look at his face just look at his face?

Barry George Davies MBE (born 24 October 1937) is an English retired sports commentator and television presenter.

How old is Barry Davies?

84 years (October 24, 1937)Barry Davies / Age

Which team does Barry Davies support?

With it now being the norm for commentators to reveal their favourite sides, Davies was possibly the last television football commentator to keep his loyalties to himself during his career; he revealed on a radio interview with Simon Mayo in 2007 (after he had retired from football commentary) that he supports non- …

Who supports John Motson?

MOTTY is a fan of Barnet, who list him as their No1 celebrity fan. Despite being born in Salford, Motson began his journalist career in Barnet itself and watched them as a result. He told the Radio Times: “I have a long connection with the club.

What football team did Brian Moore support?

Gillingham F.C.
Moore married Betty Cole in 1955. They had two sons. He was also a lifelong supporter of Gillingham F.C., and a director at the club for seven years.

What is John Motson doing now?

Legendary football commentator John Motson was taken to hospital after he broke two ribs falling down the stairs at his home in Hertfordshire. As reported by The Sun, the 75-year-old is recovering following the accident. Motson lives with his wife Anne, who he has been married to for 43 years.

Is Brian Moore ill?

The 55-year-old, whose international career ran from 1987 until 1995, revealed the news on his Twitter account on Saturday morning. Moore, who played as a hooker for England, wrote: As this is starting to get out- I’m in ICU of St George’s having suffered heart attack. Thanks to the professionals who saved my life.

Is Brian Moore retiring?

He will now be concentrating on women’s rugby. “I’m pleased to say I will be working on the Women’s 6 Nations coverage. My commitment to women’s rugby goes back as far as 1991, helping the England forwards. “Women’s rugby is the key to sustaining all rugby long term, and I’m proud to still be involved.”

What age is John Motson?

76 years (July 10, 1945)John Motson / Age

Where was John Motson born?

Salford, United KingdomJohn Motson / Place of birth

Is Brian Moore retiring from commentary?

BBC co-commentator Brian Moore has revealed that he is ‘sad’ over his exit from his long-held BBC Six Nations commentating role, which will effectively come to an end this weekend. The Calcutta Cup match will be his last as a commentator for the broadcaster, a move he confirmed yesterday on Twitter.

Is Brian Moore retiring from commentating?

Long-time rugby co-commentator for the BBC, Brian Moore, reveals the real reason he will no longer be covering the Six Nations Championships. The former rugby footballer will no longer be commentating on men’s Six Nations matches—with this upcoming Saturday’s match being his last one.