Which is the best car of Hyundai?

Top 10 Hyundai Cars

  • Hyundai Tucson. Power. Standard. Used: ₹ 8.00L – ₹ 8.00L.
  • Hyundai Santa Fe. Power. Standard. Used: ₹ 12.00L – ₹ 18.00L.
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  • Hyundai Elantra. Power. Standard. Used: ₹ 4.00L – ₹ 14.00L.
  • Hyundai Xcent. Power. Standard. Used: ₹ 4.10L – ₹ 7.00L.
  • Hyundai i10. Power. Standard.
  • Hyundai i20 Active. Power. Standard.
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Which is the cheapest car of Hyundai?


  • HyundaiKona. FROM$26,600.
  • HyundaiTucson. FROM$34,500.
  • HyundaiIONIQ. FROM$35,690.
  • HyundaiiLoad. FROM$39,680.
  • HyundaiSanta Fe. FROM$44,700.
  • HyundaiiMax. FROM$44,930.
  • HyundaiSonata. FROM$50,990. VIEW Sonata OPTIONS GET THE BEST PRICE >>
  • HyundaiPalisade. FROM$60,000. VIEW Palisade OPTIONS GET THE BEST PRICE >>

How much do Hyundai cars cost?

Select Year 2021 Display 5 10 15 per page

Make / Model MSRP Fuel
2021 Hyundai Veloster view 6 trims $18,900 – $28,450 25/33 mpg
2021 Hyundai Kona view 12 trims $20,400 – $29,450 25/29 mpg
2021 Hyundai Sonata view 4 trims $23,600 – $33,850 27/37 mpg
2021 Hyundai Tucson view 12 trims $23,700 – $33,450 21/25 mpg

Are Hyundai Korean?

Contrary to popular belief Hyundai vehicles are not a Japanese manufactured car. The Hyundai Motor Company is, in fact, a Korean manufactured vehicle that is making gigantic gains and receiving growing international popularity in the automotive industry.

Which the best car in the world?

Top 10 cars in the world – Overall

Name Top Speed 0-100 kmh
Ford GT 348 kmh/216 mph 3.3 seconds
Lamborghini Aventador SVJ 350 kmh/217 mph 2.8 seconds
Aston Martin Valhalla 354 kmh/220 mph 2.5 seconds
Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ 482.80 kmh/300 mph 2.4 seconds

Which car is better Hyundai or Kia?

So, the verdict is in – while Kia and Hyundai offer similar vehicles, Kia models offer better value and better quality, with bolder styling and a more dynamic driving experience. Simply put, Kia vehicles are all-around better vehicles, no matter what you value most in your car.

Is Hyundai a good vehicle?

Hyundai scored a 95.7% on the 2019 WhatCar reliability survey and is again ranked as a top 10 most-reliable global automaker.

What is the average price of a Hyundai car?

Cars. Hyundai Accent. $15,295 STARTING MSRP. Model Details Shop this Car. Hyundai Elantra. $19,300 STARTING MSRP. Model Details Shop this Car. Hyundai Elantra GT. $20,650 STARTING MSRP.

What is the price of Hyundai Tucson in India?

26.97 lakh for the top model Hyundai Tucson. Hyundai offers 12 new car models in India. Venue (Rs. 6.50 lakh), Creta (Rs. 9.60 lakh) and Elite i20 (Rs. 5.53 lakh) are among the popular cars from Hyundai. In the year 2019/2020, Hyundai is going to launch 9 new models in India.

What are the upcoming models from Hyundai?

The upcoming models from Hyundai are the Nexo, Casper, Tucson 2022. Which is the most mileage efficient car model in Hyundai? Hyundai Santro is the most mileage efficient car model in Hyundai.

How many SUVs does Hyundai offer in India?

Hyundai offers 4 SUV in India namely Hyundai Creta, Hyundai Venue, Hyundai Alcazar and Hyundai Tucson. Which are the best Hyundai cars under 10 lakh? What is the price range of Hyundai cars?