Which road is best from Bangalore to Mysore?

The most popular route from Bangalore to Mysore is NH 275. This could have its drawbacks including traffic and roadblocks due to road construction. Still, it attracts travellers and truck drivers, so expect anything from a Toyota to a truck. The next most popular route is NH 948, also known as the Kanakapura route.

How can I go to Mysore from Bangalore?

The fastest way to reach from Bangalore to Mysore is bus to Mysore and takes 2h 30m. The recommended way to reach from Bangalore to Mysore is bus to Mysore and takes 2h 30m. Buses from Jabbar Travels, Asian Xpress, Meenakshi Travels etc. Train numbers 06503 etc.

How many km is Mysore from Bangalore?

143 Kms
Distance Between Bengaluru to Mysore

Distance between Bengaluru to Mysore by Road is 143 Kms
Distance between Bengaluru to Mysore by Flight is 128 Kms
Travel Time from Bengaluru to Mysore by Road is 2:35 hrs
Nearest Airport in Bengaluru Kempegowda International Airport (12.97, 77.59)

Is Mysore road good?

Mysore Road is a very good locality. It is near to Global Tech Village, Kengeri Bus station, Kengeri Railway Station and roads. It is also near to schools, banks and markets.

Is Mysore a hill station?

Incredible South India has a lot to offer to tourists who visit from various places across the world. It is home to some amazing hill stations like Ooty (The Queen of Hill Stations), Coorg and Coonoor, as well as the royal city of Mysore.

Is Mysore worth visiting?

Mysore is good place to see. U Can view palace/museum/Chamundeshwari temple/Nanjangudu up to evening. In evening U visit Brindavan gardens Musical fountain which is worth to see. Then go to Hampi which is architecture wonder.

How is the road from Mysore to Ooty?

It has 36 hairpin bends, so the drive can be very difficult. The other route is via Gundalpet, Theppakadu, and Gudalur. Government and private buses go by this route. One thing you should note is that the road route between Mysore and Ooty may be closed during nights as it passes through reserved forest area.

Which route is best for Mysore?

Mysore road has a lot of traffic any time of the day, except the wee hours of the morning. It feels less like a highway and more like a city road, with speed-breakers, pedestrians and vehicles. Hi, You can take the Nice Road only upto Mysore Road & then get on to the Bangalore-Mysore Highway.

Which is the coldest place in Karnataka?

Sampakhanda is considered one of the coldest places in Karnataka during summer season….Sampakhanda.

Taluk Sirsi
State Karnataka
District Uttara Kannada
Elevation 576 m (1,890 ft)

How far is Mysore from Ooty?

The Distance between Mysore to Ooty by road is 125KM. The aerial distance from Mysore to Ooty is 99KM. Q. What are the modes of transport from Mysore to Ooty?

Is Mysore beautiful?

Mysore is a heritage city and pride of Karnataka. It is a beautiful city rich with history, legends, monuments, educational centers, kings, palaces, museums, lakes, parks, culture, literature, arts and abundant natural resources.